AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, Too Many Ideas, No Idea


My new go-to line in meetings when I have no ■■■■■■■ idea what i am talking about


Why doesn’t this committee firstly decide if mid-season trading is really needed instead of just finding a way to implement someone else’s stupid idea


Good. The AFL needs more committees


The only positive is that they listed a few other committees they are getting rid of so this actually means less


At least the people approached to be on the committee now know what the “correct” answer is.




I agree with limiting the use of runners. If the players need instructions every 5 seconds then too bad.


can just see one team getting too much advantage her, which will mean another has to lose, which will mean compensation…where does it all end


They’ve been soft-selling this for 4 years I reckon. Constantly throwing it up as a “talking point”. It’s a solution looking for a problem.


Prediction: this ends up with clubs low on the ladder copping a ■■■■.


Seriously, whose concerned about tanking beyond maybe the betting agencies? Halfway through the season if sydney brought in Kreuzer my complaint wouldn’t be “carlton are tanking” it would be “■■■■ right off sydney”

Then I’d laugh because fark carlton, obviously.


Don’t you remember, tanking doesn’t exist and never did. The AFL have told us that.


And the reason for that is that Melbourne would have had to relinquish the gambling dens that were keeping them alive. The AFL are so highly principled.


So without reading through this whole guff, can I understand it that a ‘committee’ governing just about everything is to be established, and that this committee that decides everything will be instructed to make mid-season trade a priority implementation?



THE MCG will be the home of the Grand Final until at least 2057 under a mega-deal with the Victorian government expected to be announced on Friday.

The agreement with premier Daniel Andrews’ Labor government and the AFL is part of a broader sports package that will see $225million in investment in Etihad Stadium and the Docklands precinct.

The MCG’s Great Southern Stand will be upgraded to ensure the ground’s capacity is maintained above 100,000 as a state-of-the-art venue. understands a complete rebuild of the Great Southern Stand is the MCG Trust’s ultimate plan, but it could still be several years, even a decade or more, away.

Additional funding is set to be provided to improve facilities for the rapid growth of women’s football and elite local level sport in key suburbs and regional areas.

In other major developments:

  • CEO Gillon McLachlan held a phone hook-up on Thursday night with club chief executives and presidents from all 18 clubs
  • Interstate clubs have been promised a charter flight to Melbourne should they reach the Grand Final from this year
  • Non-Victorian clubs will be offered more access to train on the MCG ahead of home and away games and finals

The sports package which is expected to total around $500million in funding overall is expected to include a revamp of other key facilities across the state – in part to enhance facilities for women’s football - including:

  •   Ikon Park in Carlton
  •   Mars Stadium in Ballarat
  •   Casey Fields in Melbourne's south-east
  •   Whitten Oval in Footscray
  •   Victoria Park in Collingwood
  •   Moorabbin Oval      

Ikon Park in Carlton – formally known Princes Park – will be locked in as the Victorian home of women’s football.

The deal to keep the Grand Final at the MCG has been extended by a further two decades.

A hotel tower on the current site of AFL House isn’t believed to be part of the government funding, but could be funded by the AFL itself.

It’s been speculated the new luxury hotel which will help link Etihad Stadium to the Victoria Harbour waterfront will have a ballroom big enough to host the Brownlow Medal and other functions.

A full announcement from Premier Daniel Andrews is expected on Friday.

Funding for the package is set to be included in the upcoming Victorian state budget.

Non-Victorian clubs are now likely to use the Spring St cash splash to lobby their own state governments for more funding – in particular for women’s and grass roots football.




I wonder when the AFL will enter the funeral business. Must be about the only business in town they haven’t got a hand in or are involved in some way.


I think they have as they’re well into the process of killing grassroots football, the WAFL and SANFL and Tassie leagues if they haven’t already done it.


It’s a great deal for everyone, unless of course you happen to be a taxpayer.


Can you tell it’s a State election year?