AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, Too Many Ideas, No Idea


So, Eddie everywhere pre-empts the announcement on the Footy Show, claiming it as a journalist’s scoop, when he really got the advance information as Collingwood President ( one of 18 Presidents to be given advance notice).


Must’ve been wearing his Football Show hat when he read the AFL. memo. If he had his President hat on then sure, without a doubt, he wouldn’t have said anything. Got lucky I guess.


Shadow Treasurer confirms it will cancel Andrews AFL splash cash and spend it on local grounds. Just waiting to hear which grounds.


Was the breaking news on telly about the cash splash?
At work and missed it.


I’m sure it’ll have nothing to do with the margins in the various seats…


They definitely need more facilities at local grounds with the upsurge in women playing football. Wouldn’t be too many grounds with 4 sets of shower facilities.


What a joke. The league pay no ■■■■■■■ tax, and the state blows money on them when it could be used on infrastructure, hospitals etc.


MCG to be expanded to hold 110,000. Finally some common sense has returned! Only been waiting 30 odd years!


And then make token gestures to ‘community projects’.
What a farkin farce.


Yeah - that extra 15k?


Or AFL so-called altruism in increasing the number of tickets allocated to non- competing clubs who onsell them to the corporates, scalping in another form. Once upon a time the MCG was a sea of the competing clubs colours. Now it’s reduced to small pockets and the members of the competing clubs are forced to pay exhorbitant prices. Blaming the MCC members is just a diversions.


It’s a tragedy.


The article by Martin Flanagan in the Rage of 13 April - A vote of no confidence in AFL Tasmania- shows the AFL for the thugs they are.


From MCC site about AFL:MCG deal. Not sure why they list Essendon as a tenant club of the MCG? Or Fark Carlton for that matter.

"MCC president Steven Smith said the new agreement, which comes into effect from the start of the 2019 AFL season, would provide benefits to all parties, including MCG tenant clubs - namely Melbourne, Richmond, Collingwood, Hawthorn, Essendon and Carlton. "


‘Cause both teams are. Even the “pure” MCG tenants get sent to Docklands for some home games.


yeah, but tenant suggests a special arrangement. Not a big deal, just curious.


It’s always been described as a 7/4 deal.


If the league brings in a mid-year trade period, then we might as well just create a new membership category: second half of the season only.

Because the first half of the season will just be preamble.

Teams can get to the mid year trade period and choose between “selling future players or picks for a premiership tilt” or “clearing out experience and tanking to rebuild”.

I just hate the concept.


I hate it too. If they bring it in, I hope they make some sort of restriction like “each club can only trade 1 player”


Not sure BBlitz will cope.

Shorter Trade Period looms in AFL overhaul

Callum Twomey

A SHORTER Trade Period could be on the cards this year under an AFL proposal to cut it to eight days.

The League recently wrote to clubs detailing its plans for the NAB AFL Draft to run over two days, and invited feedback on implementing a mid-season exchange period and/or draft. understands part of the AFL’s proposal includes reducing the Trade Period to eight days, starting on a Monday in October and running through to the following Monday.

There have also been suggestions the AFL could move its final-day deadline from 2pm to later that night so it could broadcast the frantic last hours in prime time.

Last year’s Trade Period ran in total for 11 days – from Monday, October 9 to Thursday, October 19. Clubs contacted by believed eight days was enough to get their deals done.

A change likely for this year will be the ability for clubs to trade draft picks after the official exchange period is finished.

With the live trading of draft selections expected to be introduced to the draft this year, the AFL has also proposed that clubs will be able to swap selections until a week out from the draft.

The two-night draft concept would see the first round of the event held on the opening night, likely from 7-9pm, before the rest of the draft begins the next morning at 10am.

Under one proposal, the rookie draft would follow later that day immediately after the national draft has ended.

While it would suit some clubs to roll into the next draft without a gap, others would prefer at least a day’s break between the national and rookie drafts to take stock of their list.