AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, Too Many Ideas, No Idea


Suddenly wondering where Jackson Taylor’s court case is up to … ??


Great idea.

It is excruciating enough as it is with everything taking forever to eventuate.

Remember when trade period went for 2 weeks?

Pure torture.


Always wonder why it takes so fkn long for judges to make their decisions on these things.

Obviously needs careful reasoned decision but not weeks and weeks.

Granted they likely have a lot of other cases on the go all at the same time.


There may be another case . Jim Marinis has an action against AFLPA for warning players against using his services, AFL may be brought into it.


Why on earth does the draft need to take 2 days…


Could think of a few reasons.
If they cut it down to the top 30 on the first day (and do the rest with the rookie draft the next day) they could make it a proper tv event.

Or they might want to bring in in-draft trading.

Having said that, I don’t think they could do both.
The trading would be a lot of dead air.



But AFL employees keep commenting on AFL enployees’ comments about it: there’s a lot of talk about it


I’d love to know the ratings of the draft telecast they do now.
I think sites like this naturally tend to overestimate how many actual footy nerds there really are.
If it was a big deal, it wouldn’t be on Foxtel and SEN


I’d say they’re rubbish.
Which is, of course, the point.


Trade period is too long. Let’s make it shorter!

Trade period is too short. Let’s make It longer!

Rinse, repeat


8 day trade period seems fine. Monday to the following Monday.

Draft - you want to get this right for the clubs. Not sure if the clubs have said there is an issue or they are happy with the current system. If they want to regroup after doing two rounds and start again the next day, then go for it. For it to be based on viewers… yeah the hard core will watch it. The rest will get feeds or read all about the no names who are now your next gun in the press and your club’s websites later on. The hoopla is really around the first round picks, maybe extend to round 2. After that…


It probably bugs them that there’s no way to keep it live and go from 30 to 1.

The lack of mainstream exposure of draftees makes it difficult to gain interest, and the vision is mostly pretty amateur.
The whole televised drafts have been, too.

I reckon someone somewhere is working on making it more tv friendly, though.
Maybe I’m just too cynical.


Would clowns help? DraftX


The (AFL accredited) media loved it.

I guess that was what the clubs wanted, too.


Will be interesting see if the AFL just do it regardless of what the clubs want or think. I know, it’ll be a surprise.

NON-VICTORIAN clubs believe they would be disadvantaged if the AFL introduces a mid-season trade period next year.

The AFL wrote to clubs recently outlining a range of proposals for the implementation of a mid-year trade and/or draft, and invited feedback on its plans.

Of clubs surveyed by, a majority were against the idea of bringing in the trade period, some preferred a mid-season draft and others were happy for both to be established to free player movement.

Feedback to the League has included non-Victorian clubs outlining their concerns that a mid-season trade window would favor Victorian sides due to relocation issues.

For instance, the clubs spoken to by believe it would be far easier to convince a player to cross, for example, from Carlton to one of the other nine Victorian-based clubs during the season than it would be to entice them from the Blues to an interstate club.

“The idea of moving a player from Victoria to anywhere is a significantly bigger task than from one Victorian club to another at the end of the season, let alone during it,” said one official.

The clubs in favour of the extra exchange period see it as another way to expand opportunities to improve their list, with some favouring a mid-season trade period over a draft so that the year’s draft pool is not impacted for the main national meeting at the end of the season and state leagues are not affected.

AFL boss Gillon McLachlan is a strong advocate of a mid-season trade period, telling the Road to the Draft podcast last year he sees it as a way for struggling clubs to rebuild quicker.

However, many clubs disagree, saying they believed it would help clubs in premiership consideration but weaken the depth of strugglers. The ‘art’ of list management and having a squad that can take a club through its season is another reason some clubs are opposed to a mid-season trade period or draft.

Clubs have also raised their concern that it may be destabilising for their players to be publicly thrown up as possible trades in the middle of a season.

Other ideas have been canvassed and raised, including opening a trade window from the start of the season to its middle, which has not garnered strong support.

Another concept instead of a mid-season trade period is to have the ability to sign or upgrade a ‘replacement player’.

Clubs raised Sydney as an example for this after they lost Kurt Tippett to retirement in the pre-season – a ‘top up’ rule could have seen the Swans sign a state league player to fill the void rather than head into the season a player short on their list.

An idea floated from club land would see every player who has previously been on an AFL list be deemed a ‘delisted free agent’ for life, and signed at any stage of the season from a state league. Under this proposal, prospects overlooked in at least three drafts would also qualify.

In a similar fashion, other clubs believe if the AFL is set on introducing more ways to build their lists during a year, each club could sign one player from its state affiliate club to fill a gap.

In this case, Melbourne could have upgraded exciting forward Bayley Fritsch last year as he performed strongly for VFL affiliate the Casey Demons.

Clubs were also quizzed on how long they should be able to trade picks into the future. Many supported an increase to three years down the track, believing it would allow more trades to be made with extra picks at their disposal.


The top up rule is the only thing that I agree with if sides lose a player post close of draft/trade period and have finalized their list.

If list managers aren’t managing lists accordingly shouldn’t be getting another go at it mid year.

And the unfair on interstate club scenario and helping stronger teams get stronger issues would def be there.


Haha , AFL folds after Katie Brennan threatens to take her suspension to Human Rights Commission, claiming that a suspension compared to a fine did not line up with men’s sanctions. AFLPA must share some of the blame for signing off on the AFLW rules.
Also, a slap in the face for Gordon, who decided not to challenge the suspension.



As a concept, it really lends itself well to being followed on the net; and would adapt pretty poorly as a live event:

Some recruiter guy says player name, flash up some info of player, short clip of highlights.
Name and number added to tally board.
Some other guys scramble through bits of paper on their desk.
repeat x 60

To me, that works pretty well as a live stream (yes, buffering and all)
I think “guy saying name” is not really the interesting bit.


Weeks and weeks, ha. I’m waiting on one from December last year.


F m d. This guy