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AFL has been caught out by ASIC for offering discounted premium tickets to Vic Government and sponsors at prices well below those to the general public. Effectively, he general public is part subsidising the sponsors.


Latest AFL light bulb moment for resolving the Tasmanian problems, putting a Tasmanian team in the NEAFL comp. AFL needs an atlas , also that the NEAFL comp is mainly composed of regions where Australian rules is not a prominent sport - that will give Tasmania a real sense of community and develop skills. No doubt the AFL would pay for the costs of competing in North East Australia and fly the fans to games which will mostly be played up north.


The idea of a mid season trade is probably the worst idea I have ever heard of.

The players already have enough power. It will just make it easier for a player to down tools and crack the sads after being dropped or overlook. Until they can get a trade.

Just leave the game alone!!


Following the ITA interim report on corruption in tennis, highlighting the affiliations with sports betting companies and the connection with broadcasting live odds, I wonder if the AFL is a bit nervous about its own sports betting connections.
It has happened in soccer at sub-elite level there is no reason why the same could not occur at the lower levels of Australian rules.


This years granny a Twighlight grand final, will be announced today. Press conference 5.10


Having been in Sydney on NRL GF evening, the atmosphere was dismal - full of supporters getting drunk in pubs and clubs in the afternoon.
Does that mean the gambling ads will get a run?


I’m wrong, it’s staying at 2.30

Thank fark


What makes you think it doesn’t happen at the highest level of Australian rules?

Especially when you see the maggots giving egregious decisions that clearly will alter scores or even outcomes of games?

Eddie McGuire reveals there is growing tension between AFL and clubs in wake of Sam Powell-Pepper furore

April 26, 2018 7:59pm

COLLINGWOOD president Eddie McGuire has declared clubs are “sick of being treated like franchises” by the AFL.

Footy’s longest serving president weighed into the furore surrounding the AFL integrity unit’s handling of its investigation into Port Adelaide midfielder Sam Powell-Pepper.

It followed the release of an explosive “statement” by Power president David Koch accusing the AFL of “railroading a kid in trying to rebuild their reputation with women because of the misdemeanours of their own former executives”.

The Koch attack, aired on Triple M, was a direct reference to the forced resignations of AFL executives Simon Lethlean and Richard Simkiss in July last year over inappropriate relationships with younger female staff members.

Koch on Thursday night distanced himself from the “statement” made in his name, telling the Herald Sun: “That (statement) missed my intentions, but not the subtlety of my feelings.”

McGuire fuelled the fire on his Triple M breakfast show.

“I’ll just give you a bit of background, so this is not me speaking as a president, I’ll just tell you what’s going on here — the clubs are getting sick of being treated like franchises,” McGuire said.

“The AFL commission was brought into place to act on behalf of the clubs. There is a very strong feeling that the clubs are there as a necessary impediment to the AFL hierarchy

“That’s not (AFL boss) Gill McLachlan — it’s the levels underneath — so Gil is running around doing great deals and things like that … but in recent times you have had a message coming out saying: ‘We’re changing your theme songs’ or this situation — no impact from the club; ‘We’ll tell you what to do. You can’t stand there. Your banner has got to be this big. You can’t have this sponsor’ … and it is building and building and building.

“Like anything in life, the pendulum swings too far and it’s got to be swung back.”

McGuire hinted at an unofficial gathering of club presidents to discuss the AFL’s control of clubs.

“Not to have a rebellion, but just to say, ‘Hang on, what is going on? What are the communication lines?’” McGuire said.

Powell-Pepper, 20, has accepted a three-game suspension from the AFL over an incident on the dancefloor of an Adelaide nightclub earlier this month but the club remains bemused by the league’s process.

“The whole respect and responsibility policy leaves the clubs in the dark,” Koch said.

“They take complete control. I issued them with a grievance notice before they would start talking sense.

“My biggest issue was they were railroading a kid in trying to rebuild their reputation with women because of the misdemeanours of their own former executives.

“In Sam Powell-Pepper’s case, a woman anonymously made these claims, did not press charges with police — which we were happy for her to do. We have vision of the entire night and the head of the integrity unit refused to see it.

“I’m putting it on the agenda at the next president’s meeting”.

The AFL declined to respond to Koch’s claims and also remains tight-lipped on allegations a former Fremantle staff member was paid money after lodging a sexual harassment complaint against a senior club figure.

The league commission, led by chairman Richard Goyder, will meet in Perth today where it will rule on a push for a twilight Grand Final.


You know what? GO FARK YOURSELF!
Too little too farkin late you carnt


honestly good for him, he and koch (as much as he is a flog) are probably the only presidents out there that have a set. Wish he was ours.


If all he did was pinch this chick on the bum at a nightclub it’s not 3wk suspension worthy.

The fact they wouldn’t even look at the tape in much the same way they didn’t care about what really happened at EFC during saga all comes down to predetermined idea of what’s appropriate publically for optics only.

Brand protection overrides fairness in the AFL world time and time again.


To me, not so much the length of the suspension , but AFL intervention and the blaze of media publicity, contrasted with the Freo case.
Seems the AFL is selective in its intervention.


It’s really bizarre, player inappropriately touches someone and gets publicly shamed and 3 week bam.

High profile person at freo, (which narrows it down to 1 person), is alleged to have sexually harassed someone and they simply pay hush money. And the head of the AFL is ok with that?

Couple of months back two AFL execs had, from memory, consensual relationships, but were forced to resign because they were more senior. Why didn’t they have the option to pay hush money?

Responsibility and respect to women?


Mick Warner got stuck into Gil on 3AW saying that every AFL investigation has a smell about it and that there should be an independent investigation of off- field incidents. That would cut down a few positions in the Integrity Unit.
Going back a few years Matt Rendell was forced to resign from the Crows after the AFL beat up some private comments - quoted out of context - as racist Collingwood had to get AFL permission to employ him after a time in the AFL wilderness.
Yet when Eddie made those comments about Goodes on air, no consequences, later appointed to the AFL Competition oversight team.


Let us contrast that with the penalty handed to the most recent Brownlow and Norm Smith Medalist after he threatened to stab a woman with chopsticks. What did the AFL do there?

How does a murder threat (which is what it was) compare to a pinch on the bum in Gil Land?


Not saying it would not happen at elite level in Australian rules, but there is a lot of surveillance at that level and there is less incentive given pay levels and rewards for successful team performance.


And that was a genuine complaint to police too & I think all he got was a fine.

Star player = bums on seats and people tuning into game. Bad for general brand

Port kid = they don’t care. Can make example of, and right some of their own executives wrongs in public eye


And, back in 2013, AFL pre-empts anti-doping and other processes by cancelling Essendon’s appearance in Finals.


All this media beat-up about Freo hush money…
Apparently, Lyon made inappropriate comments about a staffer’s attire, she lodged a complaint under Workcover , under which a financial settlement was reached some time ago. . Seems Freo had the right procedures in place to handle such situations.