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But is it appropriate that the AFL go around paying people who make complaints to keep quiet.

It sends a pretty ■■■■ signal to all parties.


It’s been going on for a long time. How much hush money did norf pay out when wayne carey was in his prime?


Commonwealth public service up for yet another review. AFL has reviewed and revised its respect and responsibility policy, may review rules on member behaviour after the Max Gawn incident.
Has there ever been an external review of the AFL, apart from that review by a former judge of a one- off incident ( the one that was kept under wraps)?


This Ross Lyon stuff, I know this won’t be a popular view, but I don’t care.

You either take it through the courts, with the reputational damage and making sure it doesn’t happen to anyone else and so on, or you take the money.
You don’t get to do both.

You don’t get to spend the six figure sum you were given five years ago and go…awww, well, that sucks.

It’s the woman’s right to choose, but you friggin’ choose.
I hope they make her pay back every last cent.


Wim: May be a bit more complex than that. There are many reasons why people don’t pursue complaints to police and the claims would need to have a legal basis. On the latter, I don’t know whether lewd comments would be criminally - as compared to civil - actionable. If it is only civil, a settlement could be appropriate, but confidentiality clauses are used too much .
And I’m not that impressed with Kate Jenkins AFL defence on respect and responsibility. As a human rights commissioner she has expertise, but she has a potential conflict of interest as a Carlton Board member.


It’s not to me.
If she went public initially she’d have nothing but my full support.

She’s spent the cash.
And now here we are.


Kennett wants tighter restrictions on sports bet advertising, but said it would require regulation
Sub-text: As a Director of C7, I want the government to compensate us for not showing sports betting advertisements, like you did with the licensing discounts following the last set of restrictions.




Have no idea of what this is about, don’t even remember Joel Wlikinson as a player, but anyone going at the AwFuL is alright by me.


He was racially vilified twice in his career, once by a Collingwood fan and the other allegedly by justin sherman from the bulldogs


I remember that but I wonder what the sexual harassment stuff is.


The Weapon, I hope. And the AFL knew and didn’t tell us.


Haha Holy ■■■■ that would open up a can of worms that would then be very quickly welded back shut I imagine.


Look over here everybody, I’m gonna change the rules re prior opportunity.


I fantasise that it would be even better if it were she who must not be named


Reportedly, it was racially-motivated sexual harassment by other players in the change rooms.


OK, make it Ablett then.


Joel Wilkinson, former Gold Coast Suns player, takes action against AFL over alleged racial abuse, sexual harassment

By Ashleigh Stevenson

Former Gold Coast Suns player Joel Wilkinson will begin legal action against the AFL, seeking compensation for racial abuse and sexual harassment during his playing career.

Key points:

  • Joel Wilkinson alleges he was subjected to discrimination and harassment by AFL staff, the Suns, club officials and team-mates
  • Wilkinson says he faced racially-motivated sexual harassment in the changerooms by other players
  • Lawyers say AFL failed in its duty of care to the former Suns player

The legal action will be filed to the Human Rights Commission after talks with the AFL failed.

The case will allege Wilkinson was subjected to discrimination, vilification and harassment on both racial, sexual and religious grounds by AFL staff, the Gold Coast Suns, club officials and teammates, as well as opposition players and spectators.

The Sydney-born Wilkinson, who is of Nigerian descent, also alleges he faced racially motivated sexual harassment in the changerooms by other players on numerous occasions.

He is seeking compensation for loss of past and future wages as well as compensation for pain, suffering and humiliation.

Shine Lawyers’ employment law expert Will Barsby said the AFL had failed in its duty of care and allowed mistreatment of Wilkinson to continue, despite repeated requests for help and support.

“In Australia playing AFL is a full-time job for many young people and like any job there are laws to protect your rights in the workplace,” Mr Barsby said.

“The AFL isn’t exempt from these laws just because it is a national pastime. Sport is a business, players are employees.”

Wilkinson made his professional debut with the Suns in 2011 as a 19-year-old but was de-listed in 2013.

He was signed by the semi-professional Northern Blues for the 2014 VFL season in an attempt to be redrafted into the AFL.

His case alleges he was not offered future employment with the AFL, the Gold Coast Suns and other clubs because he spoke up about racism against him and due to his association with other players who were also subjected to racial discrimination.

“The AFL failed to protect Mr Wilkinson from vilification from his very first professional game,” Mr Barsby said.

"They have let our client down and allowed the abuse to continue, it’s cut short his career and he’s been punished for speaking out about being shunned by clubs for his stance against racism.

“We wouldn’t let this happen in any Australian workplace, why should the footy field or change rooms be any different?”

A spokesman for the AFL said there would be no comment at this stage, saying: “We will respond when we need to legally.”

The Gold Coast Suns have been contacted for comment.


Does he believe that his stance is what had him delisted from the Suns?

I looked up what the AFL did about Sherman and they suspended him for 4 matches, fined him and made he complete a re-education program (along with input from the Dogs, Suns and Wilkinson).


He’s Nigerian. People kept asking him if his dad was a prince and whether he had access to that sweet $20 mill.