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Dangerous country is Nigeria.

Over the years I’ve been contacted by email by various high ranking Nigerian government officials all of whom have informed me that one of my family members has died in a plane/train/automobile accident in their country.
Amazingly, each deceased family member had 10’s of millions of US dollars in accounts that would be released to me once I provide the Nigerian with my personal details and vital bank account details.


I will send you my details if you could just wire some of it to me.


I’ll admit that my first reaction to hearing Wilkinson has been spending a lot of time recently with Lumumba was “oh jesus” and that probably speaks volumes of the type person I am deep down.

However I don’t believe in coincidences, so a second person bringing this up raises other alarm bells. There’s probably so much shady sht going on in the AFL that we never imagine/hear about.


My take is the biggest issue that may come out of this case is banter in the dressing room - This could be a slippery slope.


How to build an attitude.


Each year, on an impartial basis, 18 coaches are invited to Gillons house for a dinner and chat. Great, all very impartial, representative and fair.

Further, the AFL set up a representative committee, comprising all stakeholders, and the first meeting they basically decided nothing except not to change the rules. Great, some form of consultation, involving a group of loose representation across the industry.

Fast forward to Monday. Clarko arranges an early morning meeting with Gillon, for breakfast, one on one, He must have said really nice things about Gillons hair, because the result was immediate. Within 24 hours the umpires had been instructed to change the way they interpret the rules and how they officiate at games. A memo was sent to all the clubs informing them of the changes within 24 hours.

Leaving aside the merits of the changes, this actually brings the game into disrepute, it shows that individuals can influence the AFL at the highest level. Whats more its a blatant breach of probity. Why am I not surprised that Gillon would consent to meeting a single person rather than refer him to the channels that all others are supposed to follow. Because while giving lip service to morals, ethics, and the correct processes, the AFL actually works in just the way we have seen here and Gillon sees nothing wrong with it.

IOW the AFL is corrupt and the fish rots at the head.


LOVE the game.
HATE the organisation.


And, bypassed Hocking the nominal AFL person in charge of the rules.


Apparently the blocking issue was one of 4 included in the weekly memo to clubs.
That the blocking interpretation change was a direct result of the meeting is disputed, however
imo what is not in dispute is that a single coach should have access to the CEO of the AFL to discuss rule changes.

Invite submissions and work through the correct channels. That is the correct way

To quote the AFLs favorite mantra " its not a good look"


Commentstors are discussing the wrong type of blocking. They should be looking at blocking for a leading player. This is clear cut.


I haven’t really followed this. Does it mean jd will be able to get a run and jump at it without getting knifed trying to get there?


They have also made a rule on the run to try and fix another unintended consequence of a previous rule change. Umpires will no longer point to where they are backing away from a ball up given that it wastes time, allowing more players to get to the contest.

I would have thought removing the need for players to nominate who goes up in the ruck as a far greater time waster. Just penalise any club that has a 3rd man in the ruck contest.


It is even more ridiculous when they allow someone 20 metres away to nominate and then wait for him to get there to contest. If you nominate and can’t make the contest, stiff ■■■■.


Regarding blocking. Tell me why Stewart got done for blocking/shepherding when he was standing directly under the ball waiting for it to arrive. Where else was he meant to stand?


Does the new blocking interpretation include when teams block the man on the mark so the player with the ball can play on?


Interesting on the blocking one on one of footy shows they showed mckernan being bumped off the ball before it was within 5 metres…was a clear free kick missed, not just merely blocking.


Yes, unless the person executing the block is wearing brown and gold


Mick Warner showing up the AFL again. Keane sends out a statement of the Fyfe incident, 15 minutes later he sends out a different statement as the official AFL version.


How do you rule it if let’s say Heppell goes up to ruck while TBC stays down and the opposition ruck engages with TBC? I think you need to know who is in the ruck contest, if it’s time wasting bring back the 3rd man.
As for the umpire pointing which way he’s exiting the play, when has anyone needed to be told that?


Full forwards will kick bags this weekend.