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Also any danger someone at AFL house can look up what the word “square” means??

9 x 6 metres is a square.
18 x 6 metres is also a square

Some of us are trying to teach shapes to toddlers here.


I’m pretty sure some teams already play under another set of rules as it is


Yeah but the other stuff doesn’t sound as good

Maybe goaltangle?!


How will this effect stats?

Player X recorded an AFL high 76 disposals, but he was playing an entirely different game than everyone else that season or following seasons.


Maybe just do away with the goal square completely.

Have a spot on the ground, 18 metres out, where the forward initially must stand when the full back is taking the kick in. The fullback can play on if he wishes as if was a normal free kick, there would be the usual protected zone in place. He would no longer need to kick it to himself as that rule would be redundant.


Spent my entire childhood playing this.


It’s going to impact Champion Data’s data.


The Dil claims trailing rule changes in late season won’t hurt the integrity of the competition yet draft picks are based on ladder positions. Yep nothing to see here…

However I’m certain the gambling dollar will win out and put the AFL back in their box.


Personally I don’t care if they trial it in a few dead games. I might actually watch a few games that I otherwise wouldn’t have.
If it helps them get a better idea and make a more informed call on changes for best year, i’m All for it


I do.
Makes a mockery of the entire season.
Two different competitions, with different rules, within the one season and the supposed one competition is an absolute joke.
If they must experiment, do it either out of season, or during the no meaning cup, or whatever the preseason is called now.


The need to fix the game is so urgent these trials can’t wait for next preseason. If they wait, the changes won’t happen until 2020. Then what happens in 2019? Think of the crowds, think of the tv audiences WON’T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE CHILDREN!


So only at centre bounces? The games they are trying to “fix” are the ones that are low scoring so won’t have many many centre bounces.

Also, won’t lowering the interchange and increasing fatigue cause more flooding?


The AwFuL is all about the integrity of the game.

But only when it suits.

A few years back the organisation I worked for was bought by an American company. The CEO of that company used to drop the word “integrity” every other word in his addresses (sprinkled liberally in among all the usual business wankwords). He’d even authored a book on the subject for fk’s sake. It became such a running joke that we set-up a swear jar, and anyone guilty of using the “I-bomb” had to make a significant contribution.

Anyway, within 12 months he’d put a wage (and bonus) freeze on for the rank-and-file, while meanwhile claiming a 2 million bonus (plus stock options) for himself and similar for his bunch of cronies at the top end.

As a general rule of thumb in life, if you spot anyone with the need to bang-on about something ad nauseum it inevitably means they are entirely bereft of that attribute themselves…


That’s fair enough. I imagine there are plenty that feel that way.
Pre-season next year would be the ideal time to trial it with a view to introducing in 2020.
But these morons seem to think the game will die before 2020 in its current form


And yet if the office boys hadn’t dicked around with the rules in the first place they wouldn’t have a problem to fix. Fucknuckles are just going to make the game more fucknuckley.


Tend to agree. If these geese insist on accelerating rules changes due to what I can only assume are significant drop in KPI’s (tv ratings) then I’d much prefer they have a look at them in games than based off shoddy 20 minute blitz trials.

Common sense of course would be to trial over an entire pre season but it isn’t hard to tell now that we are being conditoned to expect changes immediately. Gil said as much so don’t know if I can even call it conditioning as opposed to a done deal.

I know these blokes have the best for the game in their hearts but it all seems rather rushed doesnt it.


When did this happen? Surely there would have been a thread to call for people and pick teams?


Do you truly believe that??? Anyone on the AwFuL executive cares about the bottom-line first and foremost, daylight second, and fans a very distant last. These committees are a boat-race and about giving the impression that considered thought has gone into it.

My thoughts (for what it’s worth…):

The standard of the game has dropped due to:

  1. extra teams diluting the available talent.

We need to go back to 16 teams as soon as possible.

  1. proper skills not being taught until much later in kids’ development these days (in combination with “kick-to-kick” being largely outlawed in schools)

I’ve watched enough Auskick and junior footy games to see that kids are not coached in the basics anymore.

  1. inevitable reactions to idiotic rule changes being brought in.

The quality of football was at its zenith between roughly 1992 and 2002. Any rule changes they’ve brought in subsequent to that should be immediately undone.


AFL trials ten rule changes in intra club practice matches.

Then decides a single rule change is the overwhelming reason to fix a problem they created 5-7 years ago with rule interpretations and changes.

Well if that isn’t a comprehensive scientific way of ensuring the changes will achieve the outcome I don’t know what is. Professor Hocking you must be a genius.

Hocking and his band of committees is the biggest self licking ice cream I have seen in a long time.


You win the interwebs for today!!!