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Heard the Dil bragging about going to World Cup final thanks to CUB. He wasn’t happy with their pregame entertainment. Clearly fails to recognise they don’t need pregame fluff because as corrupt as it is, FIFA, knows that the game is what matters. They also largely have left the rules of the game the hell alone.


I do. Many of the factors to do with the bottom line are affected by the state of the game eg. Attendance, tv ratings, memberships.

My biggest grievance with the way the game is run revolves around rash decisions without adequate data collected leading to decisions that cause another issue.

Fair to say I’ll be tuning into these trial games being done to get a feel for what they’re trying to shove down our throats.


Someone’s not going to be happy…

(rhymes with ‘Chris’)


fair comment by Lloydy


They should not be trialling anything mid season at AFL level. Lower tiers maybe.

Or better still in preseason as they normally do

Or alternatively leave the fkn game alone!




With a former player with connections to Essendon lashing Dill, should we now expect a ■■■■■■ run from the umpires this weekend?
Don’t worry… it’s Sydney… clearly mine’s a rhetorical question…


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Someone’s not going to be happy…

(rhymes with ‘Chris’)


Very good point made by Lloyd. Wish media people called the AFL out more on their constant bullshit and contradictions.


Why can they not do a year long trial of major changes in the VFL. then they can see the real impact and see how the coaches over the season try and get around it. The AFL must realise as soon as they change a rule the coaches straight away work out how to exploit it.


Durrie breaks at quarter time would help this process also.


Seeing these games are trial games will fans get in for free and members get their money back?


Wouldn’t it be fair to expect that 2 teams with no chance of finals would probably play a less congested game anyway, so any observed impact of a rule change aimed at reducing congestion would be confounded and completely unreliable?


Also some would be tanking so happy for it to be open game. Not throwing numbers behind footy etc


You know what’s a better idea for those meaningless games? Don’t play them at all.


I think you’re starting to get it!!


It’s a win win for the AFL

FREO 15th play GC 17th wih new rules

Crap game = it’s the teams’ fault
Good game = it’s the new rules


Reminds me of the time the AFL ruined the integrity of the competition by disqualifying a team from the finals and letting 9th take their place.


Yes, whether deliberately tanking or just not giving a ■■■■, that’s the implication.


I don’t come into this thread, never posted in it from memory, so apologies if that’s already been said!