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Too obvious.
Lacks controversy.


Tin foil hat time but maybe the AFL are smarter than I give it credit for and will generate a ratings bonanza.
Who the hell is attending or watching the Q clash or Fark Carlton play Freo?
By playing those games with new rules just watch how many people attend or watch it on TV now.



33 days until the season is over.


Further compromising an already compromised competition. Way to go Gil. Fk Wit.


This graph was first posted in the US Politics thread, charting lies told by Trump v Obama. But I reckon we can take the red line here as crap said by Gill the Dill:

Actually, I reckon the Dill outpaced the Donald on the porkies front.
Let’s take the blue line here as Hird (where his untruths were probably of the kind “I reckon we can win this week”).


Interesting article that dropped today… in the Rage by M Gleeson

AFL considers cutting number of players, coaches at clubs

The AFL is considering changes to the draft age and cutting the number of players and coaches at clubs as part of an overhaul of football departments.

The number of coaches at clubs or the number permitted to work at games on match day could also be cut as part of the changes being discussed.

The option to increase the draft age by six months and to trim the number of players on club lists to a number yet to be determined are among options being canvassed by the AFL as a way of overhauling club lists.

One of the spin-off effects is hoped to be an increase in the quality and standard of the second-tier feeder competitions. More investment and infrastructure would be required for these state league competitions.

The soft cap on football departments will not have a CPI increase next year and there is a view to go further in years beyond that and reduce the size of the soft cap.

The argument for cutting lists sizes isthat with fewer players on a list you require fewer coaches at clubs and that it is the least talented players that take up most of the time of development coaches at AFL level.

The extension of that is that more development coaches would be needed at the second-tier level clubs that presently do not have the resources to offer that level of coaching,

This idea of reducing the number of coaches at clubs fits the AFL atttitude that the game as it is played at the top level is too highly coached.

The first approach by the AFL is likely to be try to cut the football soft cap to put pressure on clubs to reduce the number of coaches.

Another option being considered by the AFL is to reduce the number of assistant coaches who can work on match day.

These options are discussion points at the moment and the issues of game rule changes are a more immediate concern and taking a higher priority at the moment, with the Competition Committee meeting on Wednesday.

The idea of trying to reduce the number of coaches in football departments and or the number allowed to work at games on match day fits the overarching attitude of AFL football operations manager Steve Hocking who said recently that the game had become a highly-coached and regulated contest between two “systems” and it was not a contest of players that decided the result but a contest of coaching panels.


Should’ve made smaller lists when new teams were introduced to have the same total talent pool.


How is trialing new rules in a couple of dead games more damaging to the integrity of a competition than a bunch of teams only getting to fark Carlton once instead of twice?


We would still lose to the carnts a second time. We are their GF every frickin year



Why can’t the AFL administration just fark off. Seriously, just fark off you carnts!!!


Spectacular logic on display.

AFL trial and error: Footy legends slam chiefs over rule changes

40 minutes ago

THE AFL has left the door open for a radical late-season trial of new rules, as greats of the game lined up to savage the move.

Leigh Matthews, Matthew Lloyd, Cameron Ling and Matthew Richardson said league bosses were compromising the integrity of the national game.

Four-time premiership coach Matthews said: “It seems demeaning to me, a bit like it’s demeaning the game.”

AFL chief Gillon McLachlan shocked fans early on Wednesday by floating the prospect of premiership matches being played in the coming weeks using experimental rules.

Proposals to reduce congestion include starting positions for all players after goals and cuts to interchange rotations.

AFL football boss Steve Hocking described the changes as “game adjustments” rather than rule changes, but confirmed “guinea pig” games were a possibility. “It’s certainly something Gillon has foreshadowed,” he said.

Hocking said: “There is strong agreement as far as the next level (state leagues) … whether it finds its way into AFL matches is clearly a discussion for the commission. I’m not going to put a full stop on that at this stage.

“It’s something that we will remain open to.”

But he conceded the enforcement of rules for selected matches could compromise the draft, Brownlow voting and the Coleman Medal race.

“They are the things that we need to work through,” he said.

Matthews, speaking on Macquarie Sports radio, added: “I kind of thought, when I played myself and coached my players, every game was like a Grand Final. That was my philosophy to competing.”

Ling said that if the trial occurred, Melbourne should be refunded its $500,000 fine over the 2009 tanking fiasco. “Every game matters for fans, draft picks and integrity. Every game’s integrity mattered then. Why not now?” Ling said.

Lloyd, a three-time Coleman Medallist, told 3AW: “This is the same Gillon McLachlan who introduced a bye after Round 23 because he was so disappointed teams were resting players before finals … yet he’s happy to toy with the rules and the integrity of the game himself.”

The AFL could experiment with three matches from Rounds 21-23 involving teams out of the finals.

Brisbane chief executive Greg Swann said his club had no qualms about playing a Round 22 clash against Gold Coast as a starting points trial.

That would join a Round 21 Dockers-Blues, a Round 22 Blues-Bulldogs, and a Round 23 Saints-Roos clash as potential contests for experimentation with a six-six-six format.

“Our game against Gold Coast is probably the one they could do. If everyone is happy about that, it wouldn’t bother us too much,” Swann said.

“No one is playing for a draft pick. Both sides would be going out to win. We would support it, philosophically.”

As recently as May, the AFL said it would never again make rule changes mid-season.

Pies premiership midfielder Mick McGuane said the proposal was “policy on the run”.

“Trialling new rules during an AFL season surely compromises its integrity. Staggering thoughts. Policy on the run. Stop jumping at shadows,” McGuane tweeted.

McLachlan said: “I know enough to know that there’s fixtures that are available where we could do it.

“We’re certainly discussing it, whether that’s appropriate. The emerging view is that it is,” he said.

Tigers great Richardson said the AFL should hold back on rule changes for 12 months.

“I don’t know what the absolute rush is,” he told 3AW.

“Is the game going to fall over in 12 months?

“I don’t think so. So maybe go and trial it in a VFL or SANFL competition, get that data over 22 rounds, and if the scoring goes up 20 per cent, then look at implementing something in the AFL.”

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I think the AFL should look seriously at reducing the number of executives, managers, ambassadors, committee members, commissioners, narcissists and sycophants.

I think we’d see an immediate and dramatic improvement in all aspects of the game and it’s coverage…

The beauty of this change is that you don’t have to compromise the integrity or traditions of the game to make it. It can happen over night. It doesn’t need to be trialled. And the budget space created could be immediately redirected to grass roots football.

We could all take a level of ‘calmness’ out of that adjustment.


I think I need to hear Dill speak to the above, before I can make any firm assessment…


ahahahahha what the actual fk?

You want sport? Go watch sport
You want entertainment? Go to Kittens


As a start, put a cap on the AFL Football Department , as well as entertainment expenditure.


Maybe introduce nine pointers into regular season games for goals scored outside the 50 metre arc. Gets rid of Pagans paddock, makes defenders more accountable on opponents and gives choice to the attacking team.
Also everyone loves a goal but JDs bombs vs Betts dribbles…I wanna see more bombs!


Start of the year: read my lips, no law changes during the season anymore
Near end of year: we are going to trail new laws in games that don’t matter to the 8

Few years ago: tanking is terrible, it affects the competition, etc, fine Melbourne, suspend coach
This year: lower games don’t matter so we will tinker with them


It won’t happen, but it would be great if no one turned up to those matches. Zero attendance.
See how they spin that.