AFL - Good Ideas, Terrible Ideas, Too Many Ideas, No Idea


Zero attendances would make me so happy! Might make them realise they are merely custodians not the owners of the game.


They are brazen, they don’t care.

No, I’m not talking about violent gangs, I’m talking about the league administration.


I do find it rather ironic when the AFL says that the game is too over-coached, whilst they constantly introduce new rules, tinker with existing ones and redefine interpretations of these rules. Some might say the game is too over-officiated.

Maybe, if the AFL kept their grubby little fingers out of things, teams wouldn’t need so many coaches.


it just reminds me of that quote in as good as it gets, when that chick asks nicholson how he writes women, and he responds with ‘i think of a man, but just take away reason and accountability’… basically the AFL in a nutshell.

how do you make your decisions gill…‘well thats easy, i think of a good code, and just take away reason and accountability’


Its about keeping bums on seats and that’s why “the boys club” keep making up these changes.


I wonder how the most watched/participated/attended sport in the world goes about getting people to the game?




“Yes technically this is my job. But I just do what Gil says”


Why all this tinkering to the game? Trying to justify their very existence?


Rule changes probably require consultation and decision-making of a number of people. Rule interpretation may require input from a few. But if it’s just “tinkering”, whatever Gill says at the behest of C7 Tim Worner ( his mate and co-racehorse owner).


Please put these ■■■■■ out of their misery Jackson Taylor.




If it’s not a rule of the game, how do umpires enforce it?




It’s the random interpretations that make this game of ours the greatest game in the world, Gary.


If c7 is sooo worried about their ratings maybe they should consider not filling their commentary teams with blokey, jokey, jerkoff buffoons and interrupting their Friday night variety show every now and then with a bit of solid and in depth football analysis, preferably of the game being played.


They might consider just actually, you know, … calling the fkn game.


Gil mentioned today the chance of trials in AFL games this year is low after the public backlash.

The thought of them implementing up to 6 rule changes next year after a few state league trial games makes me sick.

Trial them in the pre season comp ya buffoons ffs!!


I just don’t get why the tv commentary doesn’t adopt the traditional ABC commentary structure where they’d have two former coaches (preferable) or players with legit analytic and linguistic competence to essentially adopt the position of the opposing coaches for the day and analyse the game from the relevant perspective of each during the game and in breaks. It’s logical, it is informative and it is entertaining.


But I love Free-range Brian.