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*** 4th paragraph down - OR SHOULD THAT READ: The team deemed to be furthest away will receive a free kick or depending on what colour jumper is being worn.


So if we had the 17 + 5 model this year (not entirely accurate because I’m sure some teams already played each other twice in the first 17 rounds and who could be bothered working all of that out) we’d have had…

West Coast
Port and
…playing each other for positioning in the top six.

Adelaide and
…playing for two finals spots.


St Kilda
Gold Coast and
…playing for the top six draft spots.

Would that be terrible/worse than we have now?


Jarrod Lyle the Golfer is terminally ill in a hospital somewhere in Australia. I noticed he was wearing a red and black beanie. I don’t know if he is a Bombers Supporter wondering if the club can do something?


The only fair(ish) model is the three division one: play your five division parters twice and everyone else once. Then have a final six or nine (two or three from each division).

It still has issues. A two-division model back when we had 16 teams was a bit less problematic.


Sam Mitchell thread? WTF?
I can now say anything.


Not saying 17+5 doesn’t have issues.
It does.
An obvious one this year is that you very nearly had Essendon playing for the number one draft pick.

But I’d have thought playing each other once to get in those three pre-finals divisions had less than what you proposed.


Hutchy’s 18+4 model I really liked the sound of.

(sUrPriSe sUrPriSe HuTcHy lOvEr)

  • All teams play each other once in 18 rounds
  • Except for your designated ‘rival team’ that you’ll play twice each year (derby, showdown, etc) could change year to year
  • 8 games per week for the first 18 weeks
  • Two teams have a bye every week, play each other the next Thursday night
  • Other 4 rounds he hadn’t thought about yet ha
  • Pre-finals bye is a wildcard round: 7v10, 8v9, finishing 7/8 – those teams would need to win 5 straight games to win the flag

It makes the most sense because just saying ‘just make it a 17 round season’ ignores the AFL’s main goal of wringing as much money out of a season as possible.


Can Hutchy count?

18 rounds, everyone has two byes and plays 17 opponents?

P.S. You know that in all of these models we play in Sydney in Sydney in 19 out of 21 years.


Im been stupid.
Is that sarcasm or…why?


Because fark you, that’s why.

(2018 is the second time since 1998 we haven’t played Sydney in Sydney. The other time we were instead tapped to ensure a proper crowd at GWS’s first home game.)


Well, perhaps I’m being naive, but I’d have thought with H&A becoming 17 rounds it would be a lot more difficult to brush off not alternating each year because reasons anymore.


Melbourne, I believe. One of the Twitter feeds suggested this.


What are you, a communist?


I think the ‘4-after-5’ model is the way to go.
Wonderful system, it is.


IMO the problem is there’s not enough to play for, sonif it has to change, make 2 divisions, each one plays for a premiership, and then those two play off for World Series or whatever they want to call it.


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I’ve long thought it should be 17 + 6 with the 6 being 2 fixtures against each of the top, middle, bottom 6 which is done as a pool draw after round 17 is completed.


That would make it feel like a 10 week finals series.


Good idea!!


Chop the number of teams to 14, ditch the “no point cup” or whatever the preseason rubbish is called now, ditch the byes (clubs have a list, use it. No need to rest an entire team), on the back of those changes expand the season to 28 games, everyone plays each other twice, top 4 play finals. Less revenue for junkets and office boy salaries, but a fairer comp than any some you play once, some you play twice, or conferences setup, and only the very best play finals. No more rewarding mediocrity for the sake of generating revenue.