Who never pretended to be M Blight as a kid? Well deserved accolade. Pretty sure he was the last captain/coach of a VFL side as well as being awesome at everything else?

Sheedy’s turn next year.

Well done to Big Bad Bustling B Hall.

I can take or leave A Stevens.

I don’t remember the Adelaide bloke as a player.

If it was John Todd I would have got excited.

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Who were the three inductees that none of the news outlets can be bothered to name?

Todd one, as above?

Barry hall lol

Barry ‘Hall of Fame’ was a very good player.

So were hundreds of other players.

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And still no BRIAN PEAKE!

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And some of them will one day be considered good enough to join Barry Hall of Fame in the Hall of Fame.

Yeah, whatevs, swannie.

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B Hall:
289 games
746 goals
11x club leading goal kicker
1x Premiership
4x All Australian…

Yep. No good.

I didn’t say he was ‘no good’

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What were you saying then? Not as deserving as ‘hundreds’ others? If you have a look you’ll find there aren’t too many blokes with a record like B Hall’s and those that do are in the HoF.

Oh ok!
You’re right!
I’m just surly.


But that one Premiership should go to the AFL.


You’ll flip out totally when L FRANKLIN gets a nod.

Nah, he totally deserves it.

You can be reasonable.

get farked


I can understand hall. I don’t understand Anthony Stevens, at all

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Look at it this way.
He is a pathway to Carey getting inducted.


Reckon Simon’s brother is a notable omission.