AFL Knockout Competition 2024

Well, if we lose, I guess everyone can console themselves that they all get an opportunity to get back into this competition.

I too look forward to being blamed for jinxing Essendon if they lose this weekend now.

Kind of forgot about this….

@Chris_1993 @No31 @samwoods

Lets ignore the Bris/Melb game and put in your selections for the rest of the round.

Western Bulldogs

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Fark Carlton.

Edit: for clarity I pick Carlton.

Fark Carlton.

Instaban for @samwoods surely?

The Bloos if it’s not too late.

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All good


All through.


Selections in by Friday 7.30pm.

@No31 @samwoods @Chris_1993

I’ll go Fremantle.

Melbourne for me.



@No31 You’d already picked Brisbane so had to put you down for the lowest team which you hadn’t already selected which was Richmond.

2 remain


Selections in by Friday 7.40pm

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Crows for me please.

GWS for me.


We go again.


@samwoods @Chris_1993 Selections by tomorrow 7.30pm

Port Adelaide

St Kilda