AFL Live Pass Useage

Does anyone here know how to use the AFL Live Pass on multiple devices but of different systems i.e. one iOS and the other Android?

It seems to only allow for devices of one operating system that you’ve signed up on?

*edit: I’ve searched and googled with no answers



It’s a mess.

AFAIK it depends on how you’ve purchased the livepass. If done though an app, it’s locked to that app (or at least to apps on that os using that account.) Eg if you download the afl app on your iPhone and purchase the livepass through the app, it’ll be locked to that app (or at least to devices signed into the account used to download the app, eg an iPad and an iPhone using the same appleid.)

However if you bought the livepass off the afl website or get it as part of a Telstra thing, then you can use those credentials (eg your Telstra id) to sign in all over the place.

This is as much as I remember it, it’s been a couple of years since I checked.

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Yeah ok thought so, looks like I’m better off moving over to kayo

If you’re a Telstra customer you can just create an account and link it.
Then you can log in on any other device (android or apple) and get access.

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