AFL - Terrible Ideas, Too Many Ideas, No Idea…


So the worst team in the comp won’t get the number 1 pick because they can’t bet other teams in the bottom 6 conference?

I swear sometimes they must sit there bored and think “how much can we fark this and still have people come to the games?”


So if the top 6 are all qualified by round 17 why the fark would they bother trying for the next 5 weeks?

I wonder if Hawthorn will trade all their future lottery picks for Anthony Morabito?


Hey all you guys!

Stop all this negativity!

Keep this in perspective. For the finals, Gil has to sell a million tickets.



The traditional Christmas day game. Then complaints about how we have to back up 3 days after the traditional New Years Day game.


Draft lottery.

All people trade is the chance to go first.

Winner of the bottom 6 pool gets a cake


Certificate of Participation for ninth.

Richmond to build $3million dollar extension.


The AFL is becoming the league where everyone gets a trophy!

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So the teams that finish seventh and eighth don’t necessarily qualify for the finals, like we have now. l wonder what the Doggies would think of that?

This is one of the dumbest ideas, in the history of dumb ideas. I don’t know why the AwFuL are so keen to mess with the game and traditions by bringing in something like this, which is just a horrid idea.


The only good of this, is we get to beat the scum 3 times a year…OH wait…

Was it only yesterday Bomber made comments about the saga?

New finals structure takes the lead news today

Mmmmm mmmmm


Or a meat platter.

Who gives a ■■■■ what the doggies would think? Not that they’d care now. The AFL brought in this stupid pre finals bye, it wouldn’t be the worst thing to have 7v10 and 8v9 during that weekend as the wildcard round. I don’t follow that many other sports but they do this format in the german ice hockey league and it works perfectly. I feel at the moment 10 teams missing finals is too many… which is also because there are too many teams, but that aint changing.

The bottom 6 has no place to have a chance for the finals. But reaching for a 10 spot prolongs the fight in such a long season

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Everybody wins a premiership day.

Maybe they need a final 18?

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Why do we need less football?

If they’re gonna totally fark it up, I’d prefer 2 ‘conferences’ (odds and evens ladder positions from previous year) of 9 clubs where you play yours twice.

2 lots of finals for the top 5 clubs.

2 premiers

1 ‘super bowl’ type playoff for the 2 premiers.

That way Richmond can still finish 9th and miss finals.

But you know this is all a distraction

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Have the draft order the reverse of the ladder at round 16

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