AFL - Terrible Ideas, Too Many Ideas, No Idea…

It was known at the time that racism was rife and no one was doing much about it. Racism isn’t the same as not knowing the effects of concussion long term.

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And at the time it was seen as similar to any other form of sledging. It was everywhere in every single occupation and community. Not saying it was right, but where is this litigation for things in the past being held to today’s standards gonna end? I’m sure every Indian, Asian or black person in the workforce in the 70s to 90s would have grounds to sue too.

Today we say excitement machines instead of black magic, so that’s…better?

But I absolutely refute that we didn’t know a slur was a slur in the eighties.

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What about Paki?

Evidently it’s a horrible word for a Pakistani m, but the ads for the one day series used to call them that.

Yeeees, we genuinely didn’t know that and then we did and then we stopped.
But there were words we knew damn well were slurs and ‘we’ kept on using them anyway.

Was more thinking of Australian footballers, I must confess.


when I got to Aus in the early 2000’s I couldn’t believe that ‘Paki’ was so widely used. Gobsmaked I tell ya.

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But back in those days it wasn’t illegal like it is now, just morally wrong.

Was watching NRL360 tonight and I got to say this made me chuckle.

AFL media campaigning for years and years to shift the GF to the evening because it looks so good as a spectacle in the NRL and here they are in NRL media discussing moving it to the daytime :sweat_smile:


What’s their reasoning?

I’d think there are more eyes on a Grand Final at night than during the day.
Less people work after 7pm than at 3:30pm.


Sydney is soulless on NRL GF day. Pubs do all right during the day though, chockers with. Blokes sinking beers for hours in the afternoon. It’s not a family event.
Domestic violence peaks.


Also, lots of people go to Grand Final bbqs etc and you’ll have 10, 20 people watching the game on a single tv. Night grand finals mean more people will stay home and watch the thing on their tv, which would make the ratings look higher which would make ad time more valuable.


They were basically saying that some things should be bigger than just the amount of money to be made. Gordie Tallis was saying that it should be more family focused and that it’s nice for young kids growing up being able to sit with their fathers at the game etc. And then they said all the fan polls they do suggest that most people would prefer a day grand final.

It’s come into focus again because of the possibility of the Warriors (NZ team) making the GF this year which would mean that kickoff wouldn’t be until something like 10:30pm over there.


Sydneysiders don’t do sport well, bunch of theatregoers and bandwagoners. They’ve got no clue


Also been a complaint for years that interstate clubs don’t get home to the next day which kills some of the fun. Players could get back to the club that night and kick on


There’s also the class divide between League and Union.

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More appropriately there a player quality distinction between League and Union.

The Wallabies losing last night to Fiji could be final nail in coffin for a Union in Australia. It would be final nail if the next Rugby Union World Cup wasn’t in Australia. Unfortunately it’s become completely irrelevant as a sport with League’s dominance which is really disappointing given Union is a global sport.

At a Grand Final?
That’s cute.

How many of the club members make it to a GF?
We have a 100k stadium and only 10k from each competing club get there. The only reason there’s more available after the 10k is because the clubs do their best to ‘over pay’ for tickets to get back out to their members.

Yeah I don’t disagree with that, that’s just what they were saying.

The NZ thing is an interesting point though.

I think once you shift it to the evening and reap the financial benefits I don’t reckon it will ever change anyway.

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AFL also have a problem that the 3:30pm game doesn’t really suit WA.
That’s a footy state that would get far more exposure if we had a night grand final.

There is too much money left on the table by staying during the day.

Also, given the NRL grand final is a Sunday, I get why they’d want kids to be able to go (or watch) without interfering with the next days school.

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I think they have a public holiday the next day, on the Monday don’t they?