AFL - Terrible Ideas, Too Many Ideas, No Idea…

Correct weight.
It’s their Labour Day weekend.

Family supporters with young kids at big screen events, wearing club colours, out there celebrating or commiserating in groups after the siren. Other families at back yard barbecues, day time get togethers where the kids are part of the scene.

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It’s the middle weekend of school holidays so the Monday morning doesn’t even matter - even though it’s a public holiday.

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The only thing nrl has going for it is tv and the afl gf still outrates it despite it being in the least prime time slot around. You know they start selling tickets to their grand final months out? My best mate lives in Sydney and bought some gf tickets to give to customers and couldn’t give them away, he ended up having to sell them online at half price to get anybody to take them. It’s like a bush league comp up there.

On another note, twilight is the perfect balance in my opinion. Looks great on tv, better ratings, better for entertainment, the perfect balance.

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I’d be confident that these players would also have been racially abused in the State Leagues like the WAFL, SANFL etc - I wonder if they will be the next to be sued ?

And most other days.

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Not quite sure where to put this one, especially as the AFL have labelled it a ‘mistake’ by the security guard.

Interesting when you read the conditions of entry on the AFL ticket. How would anyone be allowed entry under those conditions? 99% of all clothing items these days seem to have a logo of some kind on them.

Happy for you to stay away :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Definitely don’t turn up to Pride or Sir Doug Nicholls Round. That especially includes you, players.

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Summary of the new CBA:

AFL men’s competition

• 10 per cent increase in base pay in 2023.

• 37 per cent increase in pay over the life of the deal.

• Average player salary to increase from $387,000 in 2022 to $519,000 in 2027.

• Three-year contracts for first-round draftees.

• Regulated payments for third-year players.

• Player leave increased based on the last CBA.

• Five-day breaks provide greater flexibility in fixturing – including more Thursday night games.

• Injury and hardship fund ($40m boost) – $60m over five years, up from $20m.

• Discussions on a mid-season trade period to continue with clubs.


• 29 per cent pay uplift for AFLW players effective immediately.

• AFLW season length to increase to 12 rounds in 2025, potentially 14 rounds in 2027 based on achieving key metrics.

• The AFLW total player payments inclusive of base amount is more than $32.3m for 2023 compared with $25m for season 7 and $10.4m in season 6.

• Clubs will continue to be required to ensure there are minimum levels of medical, physical preparation and high-performance staff resourcing to allow AFLW players to prepare for matches and training sessions more efficiently.

• AFLW players will receive increased certainty, with 12-month contracts implemented and the ability to sign multi-year contracts – the same as the men’s AFL competition.

• A world-leading 12-month pregnancy policy, starting from six weeks before a player’s due date, will be immediately introduced as will increased investment into player support and welfare.

No commercial logos?
Have they had a look at any V/AFL merch since 1980?

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It’s probably there to stop a rival sponsor from buying up 10,000 seats and filling it with people plastered in their logos.

That’s a decent jump.

No wonder the players were trying to get CBA increases include in contracts

And it’s a positive we won’t allow that, for keeping / targeting players in future

Sure, and I think we would all understand that being a rule.
But that doesn’t appear to be what the rule says.
And a rule that you absolutely have no intention of enforcing is not a rule.

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Like every other afl rule (though I think the venues have a fair bit of influence on conditions of entry.). They’ll ignore it most of the time, and fall back to it and enforce it when it suits them. Or when Daicos asks them to.

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Glass half full.

If collingwood win this year then all three off

Carlton, Collingwood and Essendon could be on 16 afl/vfl flags.

That would make the race to 17 even spicier. :slightly_smiling_face:

Even if we are starting a LOOOONG WAY BACK

We did smash Carlscum and for most of ANZAC Day deemed the Filth.

Glass Half Full

I cant see us playing and winning finals

Thats done by hardened men in their mid to late 20s

We are a while off it.

Still good list management, coaching can turn things fast.

Look at Brisbane.

We make finals and play a seasoned side we will lose it next year. Would have to stumble in and play a side like the Swans who have a few kids too.

We play it.

More registered footballers(soccer) than anywhere else in the country by a country mile.

3 other healthy codes in terms of relative participation too(rugby, league and afl)

Going to a rugby league match and sitting on the hill with a beer whilst someone literally runs a bbq is still a thing at some first grade.

Sydney really is just a bunch of australians in a different environment.

Melbournes always been sensational for watching sport. Its the venues and transport, same with literally going to the theatre.

Really you could say its Melbourne thats set up for “theatre goers”

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So this pick purchasing idea.

Why doesnt the AFL go all out and auction off draft picks every year instead of hand them out on ladder position?

Surey it follows that the weakest sides have the most cap to spare?