AFL - Terrible Ideas, Too Many Ideas, No Idea…

Yeah but we got them without Fergie

Yep in 1999

Wiki says no?

I don’t actually like her, but she’s world famous and a lot of randoms will tune in just to see her, which is the whole point of grand final entertainment, so it’s a good choice.

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We continually scrape the bottom of the barrel with half time shows. Just get some Aussie talent to play. Give a young group an opportunity.

A set from the reigning blonde DJ champ maybe


She can do a Menulog ad.

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Bring back Angry Anderson!


Nah, would get drowned out and booed right off the stage

Nah… it would start with someone complaining that the opening track was “too dark for a sunny Saturday afternoon” and they’d start booing. Then almost immediately there’d be a pile-on of booing…

And then everyone in the crowd would start oversharing stories of drunkenness and/or celebrity run-ins from their youth…


[quote=“Chris_1993, post:8729, topic:10302, full:true”] I think Black Eyed Peas absolutely sucked


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Kenny Loggins.

He could do a duet with his brother Leroy Loggins


for those interested in this kind of discourse, the stand rule just determined the winner of the u18 championships


Might have been discussed elsewhere, or maybe I just didn’t see it right, and I know the whistle was put away for most of the game last night, but I could swear I saw a Melbourne guy on the mark jumping around all over the place.

Maybe he was five metres back? But that’s still weird behaviour.

Made me have a tiny little wtf moment…

Spoke to one of the SANFL umpire delegates yesterday at the game and there has been a stack of AFL minions watching live games again the last couple of weeks and his belief is that the last touch rule is coming in next year


That would be a good change.

I want to see players penalised for appealing for insufficient intent and watching the ball roll out of bounds with their arms outstretched. I mean, just go and get the ball mate.


They do that in the SANFL. The player watching a ball and shepherding it out can be penalised if the umps feel they are making no attempt to get the ball when they could


Amazing. Do you think it would be a positive change overall?