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Runs the whole club…always has.


Control Freak?




fark that would be funny



Almost destroyed the club to bring in Boyd. Administrators and staff leaving by the droves. They got lucky and won a flag last year, hence no questions asked.

Won’t be the case in 2018.


My god that would be ■■■■■■■ HILARIOUS S_N


Only if GWS give us back out third rounder.


if something goes wrong with the Stringer deal, I’d totally look at getting involved for Kennedy. Good sized inside mid to add to Smith’s more outside run and carry. Good combo.


Merda! That’s a fair sledge.


hahaha ■■■■■■■ heard that too, i spat my coffee all over the patio.

He actually sounded serious.

■■■■■■■ flog crows supporter.


Callum Twomey put him in his place even Bartel sort of laughed haha


Hahahaha yep, he sounded legit! What a wanker.


He’d be a poor man if he’d hung onto his Slater and Gordon shares.


Nah, its all good. They would have given us a 3rd rounder.


Wish we could ‘get lucky’ and win a flag.


Pretty funny that Blues strategy is falling in a heap.

Can only assume they’d hoped to trade their high first rounder for Kennedy & Smith and get a 2nd back for Saad.

Smith chose us instead which vetoed that. As did Saad.

Now seemingly forced to trade Gibbs (which they didn’t want to) just to get currency for other trades. Crows with upper hand this time.

Will enjoy the bottom of the ladder again in 2018.



Let’s offer 2, just to fark FC up


We take Kenedy and they have Saad haha.


I would prefer Saad.