AFL venues in Sydney

I am desperately trying to determine a good venue to watch the Bombers vs Roos game in Sydney.

I know it will probably be on at the casino and a few large pubs around the city. However, I am very fussy and don’t want the sound of the rugby drowning it out.

Can anyone provide advice of a good Sydney venue to watch the Bombers on TV with sound?

Haven’t been in years, but the Alexandria Hotel in well Alexandria is a big AFL pub.

The other one is the courthouse hotel in Newtown .

The former would put the game on in a room for you with the sound up on a Saturday arvo. The later prob over the noise of the front bar.

There are probably others but these have been popular for years.

Alexandria is great if In Sydney on a nice day , good park next door to kick the footy at half time.

Yes Alexandria pub is great. I only asked as it has recently been closed down to build yet more apartments.

I have heard courthouse is decent as well.

That no good.

Camelia Grove Hotel in Alexandria. Give it a go. According to their website all games live and on big screen.

The club also supports a Nsw supporters group. Details on the club website. Maybe try them for a good home away from home :wink:

Do the North Shore Bombers have Club Rooms ?

Gazza, you should contact the NSW Bombers group. They will probably be meeting up somewhere to sink a few and cheer on the boys. I met some of them when I went down to the GWS game, nice people.

Here are their deets from the efc web page.

NSW Bombers

President: Tanique (Nicki) Haley

Email: [email protected]


Twitter: @NSWBombers

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