AFLW #17 - Georgia Clarke


They (probably) misspelled ‘DEF’ in the above image.

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… former Geelong player, Clarke, has five seasons of AFLW under her belt.

Clarke was an inaugural Cat, drafted with pick No.24 in the 2018 AFLW Draft, going on to play 19 games.

Throughout her career, the 22-year-old has demonstrated her ability to play on the wing, down back and forward.

AFLW List and Recruiting Manager Georgia Harvey welcomed the acquisition of both players to the Bombers.

“At 177cm, Georgia’s provide us with added height and the versatility to play at both ends of the ground”

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Stats all over the shop game-to-game.

Three years old, but some useful comments.


Per her naming in the VFLW team this weekend, looks like her number is 17.

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Not sure if soccer fan, or hater.


Yeah! An NBA2K girl!