AFLW 2019

Hooker is a reasonably common name but given there is one playing for Freo made me wonder if she might be a relative of our Cale.


It’s a shame there’s so few stoppages to show replays in.
Some of those contests are kamikaze like and leave 3-4 players sprawled out on the turf (in the Freo/Pies game there was one involving 3 players and all 3 had to come off).

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I was impressed that Collingwood player copped a sandwich from the back of the head, then into the player in front. Came off the ground laughing.

I was having a conversation with a bloke down the local who has some rather backward views, but told him that I think women’s footy is played in a great spirit which is all too rare in sport these days. I’ve seen it at roots level watching a mate who was assistant coach for his girlfriend’s team. The spirit and love for the game is pure and a joy to watch even if some of the footy on that particular day wasn’t always so great in blustery and muddy conditions, those girls were absolutely stoked to be out there giving it a crack. It’s something the fellas just generally take for granted.


Fark Carlton.

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And Essendon VFLW Star Danielle Ponter is kicking goals too.

Thought the Carlton players going to Philips as she was coming off on the stretcher was a nice touch.
Is she retiring? The scenes were reminiscent of Judd’s last game.

That is the likely story yeah.

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One of my daughter’s is talking about playing footy. Decent basketballer, good size, she’d probably be ok.

But I’ll be nervous as hell about injuries if she does. Two ACL’s and a knee injury to Harris in this game hasn’t eased those concerns!

Great spectacle today, outstanding crowd.

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And Women apparently more prone to them.

But, I doubt Aussie Rules would have a higher tally of them than Netball. :thinking:

the melbourne uni is doing an intensive study on acl injuries in womens footy and how they can take preventative measures.

Just tuned in mid-third quarter. Seen five minutes of great contests and big hits. Lower-level footy is often more entertaining.

Mind you, I saw Vescio (the most dominant player since Gary Ablett Sr) make a mistake, so I’m in shock and may not be making a rational statement.

And in time for the very definition of “innocuous knee injury”.

Overall netball injury rate is 9-14 per 1000 playing hours, about a 1/4 of which are ACLs which puts it at 2.25-3.5 ACLs per 1000 playing hours.
In comparison, AFLW averaged 5.39 ACLs per 1000 playing hours over the first two seasons (so twice as likely to do an ACL playing AFLW than elite netball currently).


Right. Wow!

Very surprising as I’ve had several friends do their ACL just in a mixed netball comp. Do you know the numbers of ACLs per 1000 hrs for men?
Thanks for your insights.

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I’ll have a look for men’s netball but doubt it has been researched as no elite comp.
For men’s footy, the AFL reported 0.7 ACLs per 1000 playing hours in 2017.

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I say currently as I’d expect the AFLW number to decrease over the next decade with more girls growing up playing footy and (hopefully) all the media encouraging girls to undertake strength training earlier.

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Hate to say it, … but I’d possibly prefer to watch two teams skilled as FarkCarlton tonight than half of the Mens AFL games.

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