AFLW 2019

Can’t wait for women’s AFLX!!!

Lot more goals kicked in the 2 games today.

And new team Norf, absolutely flogged Fark Carlton.

FCFC, - making every post a Loser.

Lol, Fark Carlton.


The AFLW ratings aren’t terrible. People are watching

True. 18,000 went to watch The Cats inaugural match at skilled.

That’s a crowd many Soccer and NRL clubs would love to have regularly if they could.

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If the soccer and NRL was free I’d suspect their numbers would be greater aswell


Fark Carlton has the best forward in the game, by a long way, and they still can’t score.

EDIT: I have no idea if she played. She didn’t score, and the AFL is not keeping stats for these games.

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17 to 2 at 3/4 time in the pies/dees game. The standard, or skills, have not improved one bit

I’ve decided to watch the whole game today to give it a go. But its pretty ■■■■■■ hard. I take my hats off to the girls though, they have no fear

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I dunno what but it’s so glaringly obvious that something needs to change to make it watchable. You cant have teams kicking their first goal with 5 minutes to go. It hurts the competition.

just gonna repost my post from last week, because the biggest thing AFLW needs right now is exposure and for women (namely young girls) to buy into it. its not for the majority of male footy watchers.

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The ball movement is really good this season, compared to previous, skill level is much improved

Flank to to Flank it moves well

However when game plays are copied from the men eg putting players behind the play and flooding back etc the scores are even lower

You almost need to loose the wings or the forward flanks then there is only 4 forwards which wont clog it up so much in the 50

VFA did that for a while, 16 a side (no wingers).

Plus should improve the standard of the average player.

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Freo putting up a score that their men’s team would probably accept


Are they running with the new 2019 rules? Larger goal square? 6/6/6 starting positions?

If so are they working?

I watched again today, the freo and brissy game was probably the best game I’ve seen.

The standard has definitely gone up.

Fremantle seem to be playing a different game to everyone else.

The Great Weekend, hosted by BT and Jack Riewoldt. CANNOT WAIT!

Hooker is a reasonably common name but given there is one playing for Freo made me wonder if she might be a relative of our Cale.


It’s a shame there’s so few stoppages to show replays in.
Some of those contests are kamikaze like and leave 3-4 players sprawled out on the turf (in the Freo/Pies game there was one involving 3 players and all 3 had to come off).

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I was impressed that Collingwood player copped a sandwich from the back of the head, then into the player in front. Came off the ground laughing.

I was having a conversation with a bloke down the local who has some rather backward views, but told him that I think women’s footy is played in a great spirit which is all too rare in sport these days. I’ve seen it at roots level watching a mate who was assistant coach for his girlfriend’s team. The spirit and love for the game is pure and a joy to watch even if some of the footy on that particular day wasn’t always so great in blustery and muddy conditions, those girls were absolutely stoked to be out there giving it a crack. It’s something the fellas just generally take for granted.