AFLW 2020 - cancelled, with no winner

AFLW is back again and so is the lack of scoring

And threads.

Skills are improving year by year though.

That was a mighty kick down the wing that led to that Goal then.

Cheers for the heads up btw. Didn’t realise it was on FTA.

Still find it really good to watch, … & as I said, can already see they’ve gotten better.

I can’t lie, . I really enjoy it. It’s great fun watching Chicks smash in like they do, … and as they get more skilled the. the better it is to look at.


Bloos look really good. Tigers look like they have just cobbled a team together.

Yep, FarkCarltons definitely the more skilled. Ball movement has been top class.

Tigers were playing VFLW for the past few seasons, so definitely a step down and will improve. My friend was fortunate enough to play for the VFLW side, so was a great experience being able to go to games and see them build into this season.

I love that AFLW exists. I really want to love watching it, but the skills kill me. I’d question whether there was a single chain of 3 clean possessions in a row in the first half. Or consecutive completed marks.

It’s improving no doubt, but it’s a slow road.

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The skills will get better. It’s a catch 22 because the skills of the existing players are getting better but they are adding new teams so the quality is diluted. It will take a while for the overall skill level to rise. The youth girl academies of today are a lot better than what they were a few years ago. It will just take time and numbers.


Until Essendon has it’s bid for a licence accepted AFLW can get fked.


Prob still wouldnt watch anyway, I struggle to watch the rubbish that is the mens comp half the time.


Hate to say it, … but I’d possibly prefer to watch two teams skilled as FarkCarlton tonight play a Match than half of the Mens AFL games.

Do we have a team

Yep, that’s pretty much my thoughts. My interest in Australian Rules is Essendon first, Essendon second and Essendon last. Everything else is dead to me. Don’t remember the last time I watched a neutral game through choice.

Narrow-minded? You betcha… and unapologetic about it…



Pretty ordinary comment, mate.



I have a little girl, she has a great boot, going to teach her how to kick that ball

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(writing this early in the second quarter)

Umps are AFL standard though.

A bizarre “sling tackle” call early, and then Richmond robbed of a clean run into goal and instead pinged for them holding (plus fifty, because fark you, that’s why).

On the coverage, obviously we get better standard commentary than AFLm. Pretty embarrassing that they didn’t show the full line-ups of who were playing, though (rather choosing to use that time, and more, for some pieces on key players).

Vescio cops a corky early, taking away a fair bit of spectacle.

The convicted (no jail time) bank robber doing nothing for Richmond.

On the plus side, fan numbers clearly reinforced that Fark Carlton is now an official minnow team.

Every time I go down to the oval these days, it’s hot chicks kicking the footy, love it! My dog takes the tennis ball over to them so I have to interact