AFLW 2023 - non-Essendon matches thread

OK, we’ve got past THE percentage-buster. Let’s roll.

I think the AFLW borrowed the GWS Social Media person.


Nothing useful for us.

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$1.01 favourites vs the Hawks.

Hawks did well only losing by 59 points :innocent:

Communication specialists almost all agree on the other 8 games, too.

Hawthorn 0-10 Melbourne
Greater Western Sydney 1-9 Adelaide
Carlton 0-10 Richmond
Port Adelaide 0-10 Geelong
Sydney 9 -1 West Coast
North Melbourne 8 -2 Brisbane
Essendon 8 -2 Fremantle
St Kilda 0-10 Collingwood
Gold Coast 8 -2 Western Bulldogs

This week: 15 points for, 0 against. Percentage-booster!

OUT: Montana Ham (foot)…

For some reason GWS has decided to play in a(n empty) stadium this week, instead of in red-bellied black snake habitat.

They trail Adelaide 0-13 after 5 minutes.

GWS game waxed and waned… here’s some key scoring snapshots:

  • 0-13
  • 18-20
  • 36-48 (winning the game since that 0-13 start)
  • 37-106

Adelaide’s highest-ever score, and only 1 point behind the AFLW record held by Casey’s seniors.

The very definition of innocuous: Port’s Indy Tahau’s knee looks cooked.

They trail 10-46 vs Geelong, just before halftime.

FCFC lead the Tiggers 27-25 at halftime. They have a notable easier draw to come, as well.

FCFC lose their first game for the day, 40-47 to the Tiggers.

Geelong travel to Port to win 70-42… but it was 11.4 to 5.12!

Geelong are winning comfortably against weak teams, but allowing a lot of (inaccurate) scoring against them: winless Dogs 2.5, Sydney 5.11, Port 5.12

Damn it. Footscray fall 4 points short of rolling the Suns, which would have been very hand for us.

Ding-dong battle for positions 6-8 come finals… we started this round 114% behind the Suns; bit more to do yet and it may come down to the final round when we meet.

Yeah, the disparity in percentage is an issue.

Not really. The Suns play the Crows and Bears in the next three weeks, and we play them at the end of the year if that doesn’t do the job.

We’d also be 160-odd percent if we hadn’t played the Crows.

I’m not 100% convinced on Geelong yet. But if they can survive the next two weeks (Dees and us) they are likely THE team that fits between the Big Four and everyone else (quality-wise, not necessary on the ladder due to the unfair fixture).

Cats outplaying the Dees early on in a hot contest. They were denied a goal via a dodgy-looking free. A second “in the back” also made up at CHF for them.

And also allowed to handball out of bounds on the wing and not be lasso-ed. Weird.

Dees gifted a set shot from 10 metres out after dropping the ball and the tackle lingering.

Finally, Melbourne (Hore) kick a legit goal.

Sheer missed from the boundary late in the quarter. Could have two goals.

But Irish Moloney, just 10 weeks in the country, is fed a set shot after Prespakis intercepts the rebound attempt.

A final dodgy-as free for Melbourne in the closing minute (Prespakis ran down Gillard).

Cats 6 Dees 13 at quarter time.

Frees are 1-7, down at Geelong. Is the reason Geelong don’t lead.

Hore chose not to dispose, is given a waiver.


Two-handed throw by the Dees thirty from the Cats goal.

This is brutal.

And then the Dees run it C2C for another Hore goal.


“She’s very tall” is the level of commentary here.

To be fair, that Cat is 194cm!

LOL, Paxman pinged for a throw when she never actually managed to grab the ball.

Two wrongs make a right, I guess.

Zanker is playing well, and toe taps a goal on the line.




She has 13 touches and 3 clearances well before halftime.