AFLW 2023 - non-Essendon matches thread

64 seconds, bounce in the middle.

Melbourne end, 32 seconds.

PEARCE… misses.

8 seconds left.


7.8.50 defeats 6.9.45

Pearce willed the Dees to win in that second half, but will have nightmares at her lack of conversion.

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Wow, who would have thought! The Dee girls going out in straight sets like their boys….


Happy that the prelims don’t involve all of the big 3 this year. Hopefully north or cats can get up next week

Top five maybe?

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Go Catters…

Hodder goaled after 47 seconds.

Long even scoreless stretch since then.

It took >15 minutes, but the Bears finally manage to complete a hold on NINA (her and Georgie have been extracting the urine in heavy traffic). As a result the ball stays forward, and a snap out of congestion extends the lead.

Bears 13-1

The quarter-time score (as above) may not reflect it, but this is a quality contest.

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Morrison gets spun 450º before disposing.

How the hell do you not notice Moloney slipping away to the forward pocket?

kicks entirely across the face of goal…

Throw-in, and Parry as fill-in ruck grabs it and goals.


Umps always see the retaliation…

Conway run down on the wing, and cops a “you suck” hit afterwards.

Conway responds, and they march the ball 50m closer to goal.

Georgie is doing ridiculous ■■■■ tonight. The latest bullocking clearance, vs top-ranking Anderson, results in a set shot and a change in the lead.


Orla says “I CAN DO BETTER”. Ridiculous running collect and burst between two Cats to goal. Hodder got it out of the middle.


SCHEER SAYS HOLD MY BEER. Front-and-centre, and a curling snap from 45m out.



Dakota says HOLD MY SLAB. Contested ground ball collect and snap.

What a couple minutes of footy.


Wow. 40m spearing pass to a Scheer mark.

Point from 45m out.