AFLW #4 - Maddy Prespakis

When the womens team comes in I reckon my interest in the girls’ game will increase. Any chance the mens could recruit some of the girls to show how its done?


Not at all but I know that if our two best players were going to that scum club and we would get no compensation I’d be livid and then to see a Instagram post of one those said players and some of her team mates singing a hated rival clubs song I’d be equally be livid
But seeing as it’s us who are Farking Carlton then all is sweet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


For sure. But (and I cannot emphasise this enough) FARK CARLTON.


While I was reading and enjoying the Fark Carlton fans misery, it appears that Grace Egan filmed Maddy Prespakis at the Carlton BnF night after Maddy’s win, and together they were singing the Essendon theme song! - FC fans exploding with anger after hearing this - I love it!!!


Hot chockie for anyone who can find the footage. This is the kind of deleted internet video I want to see.


Play nice, girls.

Winning hearts everywhere


Heh. I really like her!


What a champ! Needs to change her Twitter profile quickly though.
She will be chuffed sharing the Hangar with her heroes. Sounds like she will be one very quickly.

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Stoked we got a big fish in Madi who hopefully will be a 10year player for us.


Waking up this morning after reading the news last night, and my thoughts now are “we got the swagger back”.

After the events on the Men’s side ten years ago hurt the way we all felt (whether about the club, the league or certain individuals), something was missing from our souls as Bombers’ fans.

We were missing our arrogance. That sense of whenever we walked to a footy ground, we were the big club in the league. Our sea of supporters would drown out any opposition fan, and we could look them in the eye (like 2000) and see they were resigned to defeat - that we were going to beat them up today.

To start this year with our VFLW program flying, an AFLW coach with a family link to Ken Fraser, signing first our VFLW co-captain (and VFLW BnF), then following it up by taking from our most hated rival their best player - who bleeds red and black - and their best pocket/forward flanker, it feels like the Women’s side of our club is bringing back that wonderful arrogance to Bomberland.

Now, let’s start pillaging Norf for the lulz!


Stop the competition -this wins comment of the year!


My niece barracks for Norf; it is very important we further mess with them.

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Yep. Poach Emma Kearney

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I want them ALL.

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I want everyone in the league to hate us… and fear us.


I’m Peter Holden, and I endorse this message.


Another reason to hate Fark Carlton.

“Once I went to the club, they said I couldn’t barrack for Essendon because it is a rival club.”

And your daily reminder on why we all love Madison Prespakis!

it’s the team I’ve barracked for all my life, so to be able to help build the new AFLW team is really exciting


FORMER AFLW best and fairest Maddy Prespakis has opened up about her intentions to leave Carlton for Essendon, saying the lure of her childhood club was too strong.

Prespakis was at the MCG to help launch the new season of Auskick, describing running around in a Bombers jumper at Gisborne.

“It’s very exciting, it’s still all in the works, but I’ve openly committed to making the move to Essendon. It’s been an exciting week, and it’s the team I’ve barracked for all my life, so to be able to help build the new AFLW team is really exciting,” Prespakis said.

"To be part of the inaugural team is really special. I’ve loved my time at Carlton, and I’ll forever be grateful. I’ve achieved some great things there and been part of a special group of girls.

"My (footy pathway) was no different to the boys at the time, I started Auskick when I was four years old. I went down for pie night and get a free pie after training, and I was just a little girl who wanted to play footy.

“I never looked back and here I am today playing AFLW – I haven’t stopped playing footy since that moment.”

Former teammate Grace Egan was also on hand at the Auskick launch, and confirmed she has received interest from other clubs.

Last week, reported Egan is expected to leave Carlton, with a number of interstate clubs – including expansion side Sydney – in the running for the hard-nosed midfielder.

“I’m happy at Carlton, Carlton has been really good to me. I am out of contract this season, but that’s just for my manager, myself and the Carlton football club to work out. Wherever I end up playing my footy, I’m happy,” Egan said.

“Yeah definitely (we’ve) had clubs approach my manager, but I’m open to anything. Carlton has been very good to me, and I love everyone there, so whatever happens, happens.”

> Grace Egan and Maddy Prespakis celebrate after the R7 clash between Carlton and St Kilda at Ikon Park on February 19, 2022. Picture: AFL Photos

Prespakis has been an integral part of Carlton since joining the Blues with pick No.3 in the 2018 NAB AFLW Draft, winning the 2020 AFLW best and fairest and three consecutive club counts.

“At the end of the day, it comes down to yourself, and I had to put myself first. It was a tough decision, and it was quite daunting, and those who are really close to me knew exactly how I felt, especially when I did announce the move,” the 21-year-old said.

EXPANSION LIST RULES How the four new clubs can sign players

"It was quite an emotional time, but also I felt very relieved and happy with what I’ve made for myself. Carlton have helped me in my four years in the AFLW, and three B&Fs, I wouldn’t have done it without that club. I’m very grateful, but I’m also very grateful to start a new chapter of the next five to 10 years of my football career.

“Once I went to the club, they said I couldn’t barrack for Essendon because it is a rival club. I’m sure when that time comes, like with any player who moves, you do expect a few boos, I’ve already received that on social media, so I expect that in person. But at the end of the day, it’s football, and I love football and that’s why I play.”

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She’s basically done a Gavin Wanganeen, but in the correct direction and without the McDonald’s franchise. Childhood club enters the competition… off we go.