AFLW - practice match vs Norf @ Windy Hill, 10am Sat 12 August 2023

This is a VFL-free weekend, and is very well synced with the AFL game of the same day (AFLW finishes about 105 minutes before the AFL starts).

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We have an afl game starting at 11:40am?

Oh wait. Finishes.

Learn to read Soulnet.


To be fair, you only failed to read the very final word.

Some hype, from the “secret” intraclub this past weekend:

  • Nanscawen had the first clearance of the game
  • Toogood 4 goals; leadership team ended with 6.5
  • The Teirnnister Twins kicked 2 each
  • Despite what the above may suggest, we had some decent new tall defenders on the day – the one thing it is claimed we have none of.

Player sponsors got live game coverage :wink:


Is it being broadcast anywhere, because I live in Sydney and obviously I can not get to the game. Hoping someone can tell me where to watch it either live or replayed.

As far as I know, this is a Radio 3DJR exclusive.

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Both practice matches are being streamed on the club’s website.

Is that based on inside info, or reading between the lines re: “simulation training” and “practice matches”?

They’ve blurred those lines a bit, probably not deliberately.

The streaming part was mentioned by the club on our website, but also confirmed privately by the AFL.

The company who does the VFL (Cluch TV) are the ones doing it.

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Thank you

Where on the Bombers website do I find it

No sign of it yet… and the Saints v Tigers didn’t stream last night.

Mention of a stream was in this club article…

“All practice matches will be streamed via, with practice matches free to attend.”

My previous point was this is not a “practice match”.

Wales playing, unlike last week.

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10 on the bench.

Van Dyk running laps.

Nanscawen first clearance.


I saw that article, but there is nowhere to sign onto any broadcast, either in the article or on the website.

I think theDJR might be right, no broadcast because it is only a match simulation. Thanks to both of you

Very loose defence. Norf set shot from 25 out.


Busch and Radford the wings.

STUPID bounce means their one beats our two.