AFLW - practice match vs Wet Toast @ The Mine, 12:30pm (WA time) Sun 20 August 2023

van loon and Tierney are unlikely to overlap roles.

And I reckon both are stepping up this year.

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I do think at least one of those tall defenders (G Clarke?) is going to need to migrate forward, unless Alexander can massively up her game.

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Looking forward to this one! Any details on streams just yet?

Not seen anything. WCE links were to Instagram, though, and as I “am” a bot I’m banned.

Is up:


I counted 24 running out?

Hopefully we get audio at some point…

5 degrees and 100% less sun than last year.

Jacques is a small in defence.

Vogt in the middle with Cain and Prespakis + Wales.

Decent-size ruck they have.

Brown cleaned up Vogt.

Ump got bored, gifted them a potential goal.

Side of the boot.


Come on, how do you let a mark happen there?


Season over!

You kick it to their sole uber-talent.

Prespakis is a beast. Headbutts opponent out of action.

Also I’m dumb, how is there a 2x speed option on this stream if it’s live?

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Cain snap point in our first forward foray.


Bloody hell, Gee.