AFLW - round 10 vs Port @ Alberton Oval, 1:10pm AEST Sun 30 October 2022

Hit in the head in the marking contest. Free every day of the week.

Ok, ignore my previous points. Cool.

One more goal will win it for us

Disposal leader?



What is wrong with these camera people. FFS

What a great goal.


(not convinced)

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Now that was phenomenal

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Holy ■■■■, keeping the ball in play and then that? Goal of the year.

What a goal in the rain too

14-1, Bomber crowd miked up alright.

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10 seconds before she kicked it she was literally on her knees. Picked up the ball, stood up and threw it on the boot.

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Great snap for goal under pressure, from an acute angle.

Stack the back line!!!

What was Steph supposed to do there; she was getting a wedgie

No thanks. Already heard the call of us kicking to a forward line where we had no players there, and they did.


Paige scott is an edition to the bombers

Wow. Aaron Francis from the boundary

not flip?