AFLW - round 10 vs Port @ Alberton Oval, 1:10pm AEST Sun 30 October 2022

Was that guy in the red jacket behind the goals?

Point to Port deep in RED TIME. We manage to cancel a few more chances in the closing minute.

14-3 at halftime.

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Ugh, that last minute felt like an eternity.

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They’ve had more chances. We’ve taken more chances. Port right in it.


Good half girls.

Love that our girls aren’t scared to go in hard, and I reckon Maddie is tougher than some of our guy’s.


we have some senior players that just suck at disposing of the ball. hospital kat phillips for one

Season is too short :frowning:



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Prespakis now leading DreamTeam ahead of Yorston/Dowrick/Erin Phillips.

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Port lead disposals 102-79 and 13-7 inside fifties. However…

Windoer but dryer now?

We come out with a minute to spare. No warm-up.

freudian slip from the commentator?

Uh, some of our disposals this quarter :flushed:

sheesh just dont handball phillips, ever

Yeah she’s had a few shockers today.

Bonnie :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Toogood moves closer to a career 50% conversion rate.


Toogood… Too Good

Bonnie allowing for the wind beautifully. MP with leather poisoning… again.

Geez that’s a brutal wind.

5AA call the “Paige Clarke” @handypoint.


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