AFLW - round 6 vs Bears @ Moreton Bay, 12:10pm (1:10pm AEST) Sun 2 October 2022

They’ve got that Lions cream

How can umpires still not get “prior”.
If you get the ball, take a few steps then get tackled and drop it, you’re done

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Is Prespakis playing with a different footy? She is so clean despite the weather.

Good to see the AFLW side has taken the Essendon approach of having NFI how to play wet weather football

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Need to start kicking it. Too many handballs.

Down hill skiing side Essendon

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Classic Nino!

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Looks like Meg Ryan playing key back with the Gamble injury last week

We like to play on at all costs

That isn’t downhill skiing.

We play our best footy when there is no pressure

Jeeeez Brisbane are good.

Been stuck in our d50

Wood needs to give the girls a bake

Oh fk off. That isn’t a free kick.


I think you’ll find just about every team ever would play their best footy when under no pressure.

The girls are trying hard, they’re just playing a far better/more experienced side.

Hopefully brisbane run out of gas.

All the Brisbane women look like the same build.
It’s weird.
A team of Mark Boltons playing against Laharum Reserves (the 40 year-old, the 15 year-old, the wiry farmer, the raw mechanic…).
Plus pressure and gameplan and sensible wet weather play…

Do they pay incorect disposal in AFLW so many bris players throwing the ball

Need to get Toogood and Scott up the ground. No point having two strong marking targets three kicks behind the play today.

What a terrible qrt girls needs to lift