AFLW - round 7 vs Cats @ Warrnambool, 12:10pm Sunday 9 October 2022

Reid Oval hosts this eight-point game, minus:

Jury considered for 99 minutes, probably checking my writings whether the below was true:

Ha, didn’t take me long to find this:

Don’t you have a holiday to do? :stuck_out_tongue:

Corfu has very British weather…

It was beautiful when I was there (except for the day it poured and our Ouzo cruise got cancelled) :laughing:

I’ve done that Ouzo cruise, great fun. I ended up jumping from the highest part of the boat into the water (and doing it again and again).

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The worst part was that when we got back to the campground, the bar there had run out of ouzo…so we couldn’t even drown our sorrows (apart from the copious amounts of Lowenbrau :wink: )

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We’re taking the win against the Bears for granted, and have jumped forward a week.