AFLW - round 8 vs WCE @ Windy Hill, 5:05pm Sunday 22 October 2023

West Coast has made two unforced moves, bringing in Mikayla Western and Abby Bushby for Jaide Britton and Ella Smith .


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I thought Wuetschner would get into that team before Doonan.
Happy with the choice though.

van Loon ahead of Marshall was expected.

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Posted in another thread, Toogood now being interviewed on ABC by Matt Preston and Irish Catherine, Essendon being praised by the interviewers, great coaching etc.

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Anyone else having trouble getting their ticket from the Ticketbastard app?

I extracted them to Apple Wallet back on release day, so no.


I expect at the final siren today, to be looking in the direction of the Reynolds Stand, and seeing @theDJR waving his jacket above his head!

If not, answers will be demanded! :stuck_out_tongue:


I might have edited a small part of the below.

Also, LOL, they took the naming of Radford on the full-back line seriously.

Recent Form

After a bit of a hiccup a few weeks ago, Essendon is back on track and humming along nicely at the moment. The Eagles on the other hand are not, coming off the back of a 70-point loss last week.


These two sides did meet in Essendon’s inaugural season last year, and it was a happy day for the Bombers who came away with a 52-point win.

Key Stat Areas

One are that particularly West Coast will need to be mindful of today is inside 50 efficiency. The Eagles are already likely to get less inside 50s than Essendon, but with a season inside 50 efficiency significantly poorer than Essendon’s, they are going to have to make the most of every opportunity they get.

Essendon is also doing significantly better in the uncontested possessions and clearances than West Coast. The numbers don’t lie, and they spell disaster for the Eagles at Windy Hill.

Key Match Up/s

Bonnie Toogood vs Belinda Smith

Toogood is the focal point for Essendon in attack, but the Bombers have proven they do not totally rely on her for success, which is not a bad thing.

Smith is certainly going to have a busy afternoon, but has proven she can match it with players like Toogood.

Amelia Radford vs Ella Roberts

Up the other end, and Roberts is arguably West Coast’s most important player. Keeping her quiet will be crucial for Essendon today, but luckily for them they have Radford, who can match it with Roberts for pace and physicality.

Georgia Nanscawen vs Aisling McCarthy

Two tough nuts who are very competitive, they are the start of the chain for their respective teams. Expect to find them both under plenty of packs today.

Hoping the rain holds off.

Our elite scheduling should see us miss the rain.


Essendon Airport has had just 0.2mm of rain so far today (CBD 2.2). With strong wind to the school end that could mean a completely dry ground.

Expected to clear as the later afternoon progresses to evening.

About the only good thing about the slot.

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Yep this may have worked out nicely.

SSH… it’s not raining but the wind is strong.

This may surprise you all, but it seems Sunday 5pm against a woeful interstate team may draw a modest crowd.

Barba out of the moon boot.

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We’ve turned up on a windy day with an abnormally wide banner. Thoughts and prayers.

West Coast banner has died. It was half our size.

Taken off before the players came out.

This was WCE’s only game in Melbourne this year.

You had ONE JOB.