AFLWomen's - No Bombers still


Yeah, … Ol’ Deck might have gone a tad off there, … I s’pose that’s what the threads about, . Do you like it, . or not? What do you think ?

Personally, I think if you just love Footy, … you’d be happy to watch it in any form. at any level myself.

I love watching the local kids in the 3rds and 4ths,… and the ressies with their sometimes 20 stone full backs, my Grandson playing for his Primary school, NTFL VFL, NTFL womens today, and of course the AFLW, … and just accept it for what it is.

If all you care about is AFL, fine.


Not necessarily.
Teams will still clear the congestion in a similar fashion to how they are now.
Problem is at the moment a team needs at least a half dozen possessions in a row to get into a position to score which, with current skill levels, isn’t happening very often.
By reducing the ground(s) to a size where only 4 possessions in a row are required you increase the odds of that happening.
Having watched a fair bit of local women’s footy since 2011 this has typically held true the whole time (the bigger the ground the smaller the score).


Most TV’s have screen mirroring. I use that to watch the NHL on my TV


AFL site has solved his problem, (see my post above).

Although they kept it virtually secret AFAICT, … it took 3 different searches for AFLW live stream before I chanced upon it.


Yep. I think a smaller ground to account for the percentage differential in kicking distance would work well.

Also think that idea of 14 players has merit. at least until more high talent players come into the comp, as it lets the talent spread further, as well as reducing congestion.


The experts are simplifying the challenges facing women’s footy - It’s not just kicking which is the issue, but also the lack of running power - Watch men’s footy and around half the goals come from running power which sets up sporting opportunities.


Hey, . I missed this,… but as I said in response to Acemans post, … If you go to the link in that post, … it had ways to stream free via comp or phone,… so you shouldn’t need to faff about with all that. (Fuxtel or AFL live stuff)


If they were doing it as a curtain raiser I would get it but as a stand alone comp they don’t really need 1 AFL club to be behind each team - 1 AFLW per state could be financially supported by the AFL & would, I believe, get far more support & revenue from gates/TV if they represented their whole state rather than 1 team in it. We are a great case in point - if you believe the figures that were thrown around a few years back EFC have over 1 million people who follow/support the club. As its stands now that group don’t have a team to follow in the AFLW. Richmond are another massively popular club without an AFLW team for their supporters to follow. I can’t help but think thats an opportunity going begging & without having 18 AFLW teams (again I think there is nowhere near the talent pool) its the best way to get people watching & supporting.

Does anyone know how the financing works now - does the AFL contribute the extra funding to licence holders or do these clubs pay for it all themselves (except for GWS of course)?

I probably shouldn’t have used the term “state of origin” as I wouldn’t suggest players only play for their home state but tap into state rivalry like state of origin to garner maximum support in each state. I get that they were simply hoping to transfer rivalries from the AFL like Coll v FC but it just seems like far too many potential supporters have been alienated.


I don’t know about any of that, but my interest is about 5% at the moment with the potential to increase if Essendon get a team.
If it wasn’t aligned with AFL clubs then my interest would be zero.


The ‘do you care?’ is still topical as season 2 has started. Some may have swayed their opinion. Why are some on blitz crusading for safe space everything?


I really dont care about other AFL clubs in the mens competition, other than thanking them for turning up to give us a game. So why should I care about the AFLW, if Essendon doesn’t have a team in the competition ?


And you could add “- Do you care?” onto the end of every thread title.


sigh… if this occurs I’m blaming you.


With Stringa, Langa and Franga, we already have enough on our plate to care about I would say…


Actually the reason I started this thread was to see if anyone can follow a non-Essendon team. I like women’s footy, but i there’s no way in hell i’ll be supporting Pies, FCFC, etc, so I find it hard to be invested in the actual comp at all.


I wish them well but until Essendon is in there, like Big Bash, I dont really car who wins


Yeah, I know you started it originally to gauge people’s reaction to the start of a new thing. I guess you could say the thread was a success, because nearly 700 posts and over a year later, the same people are here to tell everyone how crap it is.


We have learnt today that kicking somebody in the vajayjay is worth only 2 weeks


As a % of the season it’s probably more like 5-6 in real AFL terms


That’s the beauty of opinions, they’re like ■■■ holes, everyone has one and is entitled to say what they want about woman’s footy. Personally I think it’s ■■■■. But hey that’s just my opinion