AFLWomen's - No Bombers still


700 posts on and people are still clamouring in to lie about how good it is…

same coin different sides.


A close game of footy is good footy, skill level be damned.

If some measure of skill level is more important than a head to head battle then I would suggest watching surfing or gymnastics or something like that.


Go watch some u10s. can see 6vs8point losses.


Bomberblitz: do you care?


Yeah nah if you knew how into women’s sport I am you’d know this is a really bad idea


See? It works.



You’d hope that all coaches will give that the “suggestion noted” treatment


Was just about to post the same thing.

Final confirmation that the AFL is putting on a show, not a competition.

Why don’t they change the rules of the competition instead of offering suggestions? Are they really inviting a situation where the umpire will not bounce the ball until the 5/6/5 formation is in place? I hope a team lines up any other way and stares the umpire down.

Far out.


Don’t you know the AFL’s advertising slogan for this comp is “Dare to create” (Which is a WTF slogan anyway).


They’re doing the out of bounds rule wrong.

if team x is the last to touch it before it goes out, y gets a free handpass in. not a kick because no one will go along the boundary line.


Wow. I hope they get told to fark off.


What a cheek to ask them to play a certain way!
Winning is what they would like to do before putting on a theatre show for the spectators to suit the AFL.
Suck it up AFL!


I wonder which club(s) leaked it to Fox.


Are there any actual rule changes this year in AFLW?

It wouldn’t be the worst thing to modify the game to suit the skill level and speed.


They added the last-touch-out rule to increase congestion in the middle… Forgot to mention that in the memo, for some reason.


Fark Carlton is one I believe and on his radio show a couple of days ago Ricciutto was talking about it so being a board member of the Crows I’d say he “let it slip”


Does anyone doubt that these little memos also make their way to the umpires department during the season?


If ever there was a form of football requiring a smaller, rectangular field and modified rules, it’s aflw


There’s modified rules in U18’s right? What’s the justification there?