AFLWomen's - No Bombers still


All underage sporting competitions have modified rules. Open age?, you’d hope not.


Clearly AFLW is not footy with only the best bits.

AFL should help more and include circus acts and flames.


Yeah but consider why underage competitions have modified rules – because the skills aren’t up to elite standards? I’m just suggesting that the women’s comp is doomed to fail if they expect unskilled part timers to put on an equal spectacle under equal rules as the mens competition.


Most of the rule changes/differences I can think of in underage sport are due to safety concerns and also physical limitations.


In the TAC Cup you are not allowed to tag or flood and must have a set number of players behind the ball. I believe they also have a zone system to ease congestion


All this does is prove what a manipulative bunch of bullying “do what I say” cvnts the AFL really are.

I hope Gil gets hit by a bus*

*but lives and makes a full recovery but has to quit as afl boss


It’s only a matter of time before the zones decree lands at the highest level of the game.


bit of an insult to womens footy if you ask me



All hail the Doe.


One of the reason its so congested is the 16 on the ground {no wings }
The players tire quicker because they have to cover more ground
Also they normally play in local comps with a standard Mens Size Ball …in AFLW a size smaller


Gil telling AFLW coaches to take out the bits he doesn’t need


I have tried to watch a game an I’m happy for women to have there own comp but if they ain’t Essendon I just can’t get into it. At all. As if I’m goin to support any other team. I can’t do it. An it’s bad enough watching the men when it’s all flooding football let alone the women doin it. I am old school though. I loved the 90s brand of footy. It was when a fullback was a fullback an a full forward was a full forward. If I didn’t love the bombers so much I probably wouldn’t even bother watching it half the time. They recruited footballers with brains back then, not just because he looks like superman an can’t kick



You hope he makes a full recovery?

You’re a better man than me.


Shamelessly stolen from elsewhere…

AFL: We want to give women the opportunity to play football



I agree with the sentiment, but more fun in it for us if he survives and then has to quit. :slight_smile:

(like you new avatar, hope Floyd is going well)


I read it as “bus lives and makes a full recovery”, so I was happy.


So what do we make of the Moana Hope stuff? Dropped this week for a ■■■■ game, and goes straight to fkn Twitter or Instagram or whatever… No more, ‘work hard and get your spot back’, you’ve got 5k followers who’ll agree with everything you say to a cryptic post with no context… Go Team. FFS.


The big difference is that in the TAC cup they openly declare that winning is secondary to player development/scouting


Seen worse dummy spits than that.
Though I’m not even sure what her post was meant to mean.
I also anticipate a lot of AFLW regulars will find themselves on the scrap heap pretty quickly as the standard improves with the junior numbers coming through.
Abbey Holmes being a perfect example, will be lucky to be on a AFLW list next season.