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Hope is deadset garbage


Genuinely perplexed as to what post you are referring to.


Hope was signed as a marquee player for 2017 on the back of her ‘supposedly’ stellar 2016 in VFLW which she kicked 100 goals - Drill down the figures and around 70 goals came against the bottom teams.


It’s because she’s got blonde hair and covered in tats. She sticks out. If she looked like plain Jane she wouldn’t be playing this year. Purely playing because people know who she is and a drawcard, if you want to call her that. she’s one name I know out of 5 maybe)


Livingstone has slipped right into AFL management mode: was on radio this morning saying they did NOT tell any team how to play.


I re-read the memo. It was very very very clear it was telling teams how they expected them to play. If she said otherwise she is treating the public as stupid. I don’t get why people go down this track of commentary and think it’ll just go un-noticed. It just adds to one’s list of why the AFL is disingenuous and untrustworthy.



Classic AFL business. It doesn’t matter if it’s true. It only matters if you say it.


Hocking signed the memorandum, so he should have done the explanation. I got the impression Livingston did not believe a word of what she was forced to say. The journo should have asked her if she had any role in the directive.


I don’t really understand how “high-scoring = entertaining” works anyway. How’s the fkn surge of excitement (panic?) when Heppell breaks clear of the pack coming through the square towards an empty forward line when we’re up 63-59 halfway through the 4th. Compare that to same play while being up (or down) 110-72.

In low scoring contents attacks on goal become so much more meaningful, and the momentum of a game can swing in less than a minute. How is that not entertaining?

I’ve said this time and time again, all AFL employees should be banned from watching American sports with punishment by way of something really really bad.


Apologies if there is a EFC VFLW thread, could not find one. Given I added this to my membership I am disappointed on the information on the club website. For those more knowledgable than me which would be many, is there a team list or fixture available yet? I did ask the club however the reply was that this will be addressed in the future.


See my post and Katie’s response from a week ago.

When we actually have something to report, it should go in the VFL forum.


Yeah, as a father of two girls (and one boy) I want it to flourish and therefore support it. My sister was a bit of a star in the juniors - won two best in comp trophies, but after U12s she couldn’t play anymore and my parents had to watch me. Haha, sucked in Dad.

Seriously though, my sis is quite ■■■■■■ about it all now she sees where it’s at now and believes, with the right support, she could’ve made this level.

I don’t want my girls to think they can’t play elite footy just because they’re girls, but at the same time I understand what we’re seeing is a league in its infancy, and therefore it won’t always be beautiful to watch.

I try not to compare it to the men’s game as they’re nowhere near it. What’s more realistic is if you have to compare it to a men’s game, compare it to a wet weather men’s game.


The AFL might need to do better than a memo next time.
Current game:
GWS: 1 3 9 to Fark Carlscum: 3 9 27

5 minutes to go in match.


This is a better brand of footy the women are playing ,tonight. Pies vs freo .


Sell out eh?


Wasn’t it raining?


Half time.

Brisbane 8
Carlton 2


Steve Hocking is already sitting at his typewriter


Seen more goals in W-league