AFLWomen's - No Bombers still


Is it me, or are the scores getting worse and worse?


Nothing a quick memo won’t take care of.


You can’t tell a woman what to do.


Why would they need a memo, don’t women know everything :yum:


My guess is the scoring would be similar to last year - Have noticed the women seem to be more defensively minded than the men players - It seems to be more natural to roll back in defence.


Would watch AFLW over AFLX anytime.



Was in a shop today and the young girl behind the counter saw my sons bomber tshirt.

She was very excited to ask us if we were all bombers fans and that she was too.

Said she has one of the assistant coaches from Fark Carlton helping out at her training. And that she had played soccer for 10 years and now loving footy.

For all those that aren’t interested, that’s ok, there’s a tonne of girls out there really excited about playing footy


i dont think peole are denying that, there have been womens leagues going for a while? just that from a spectators point of view its almost utter garbage


I watched 3/4 games this weekend. One was very good, mainly due to Erin Phillips being a cut above everyone else on the field, even on one leg.

The others… horrible stuff.

Too many scoreless quarters. It reminds me of Under 10s with so many fumbles and stoppages. That said, I expect that we’ll see the next generation come through and be a helluva lot better due to better supports in place now.

I support the women’s league, but with no Bombers, and the current standard, it’s pretty hard.


imo the fact that Erin Phillips is as good as she is in the national Australian Rules comp just shows how far it has to go.
No disrespect to her as she’s obviously an incredible athlete, but she’s done the equivalent of Conor McKenna winning a Brownlow in his first year on our list.


Erin also has played footy for a fair bit of her life. She played a lot of juniors with the boys and she used to practice several hours a day with her old man and I used to see her having a kick and catch with him before and after Port games


Just going to say it, but Brennan going to the AHRC, saying:

“It is even more troubling to know that if I was a man playing in the AFL and was reported for the identical tackle, I would not have been suspended and I would be playing in a grand final tomorrow"

is a borderline disgrace.


Where do the Doggies get these lawyers?
I don’t get the option of paying a fine instead of a suspension playing amateur country league, not sure a non-full time professional athlete should ever have that option.


Needs to say she is a Aboriginal Vegetarian Lesbian Muslim Woman and she’ll be awarded $500,000 in damages


Seriously… if Brennan hasn’t noticed with the AFL supplements saga, the AFL can do what they want, when they want.


Its all about the vibe to the AFL.


Next time give her a $2000 fine, see how she likes a 10% wage hit


Is it beyond the system to give the player the option of the fine or the suspension?

There… was that so difficult?


Women who pull this ■■■■ make us other women look like weak damsels in distress. Gives me the absolute ■■■■■. Footscray once again, being idiots.