AFLWomen's - No Bombers still


The AFL obviously don’t care too much. Grand Final during the first round of the season. Surely last week was the time to do it.


this chick singing the national anthem is better than any of the ■■■■ performers that do the mens grand final. decent set of pipes


It’s the only Saturday early arvo game being played, so there isn’t other footy on.


This is a shocking grand final. Only one goal to half time from either team.


I know if all the players were men the game would be a lot more exciting.


HAHAHA what the ■■■■ they get a premiership RING?

good grief


Next year, could we split this thread into an ‘AFLW’ thread and a ‘girlz sux lol triggered lesbian PC feminazis’ thread?

I think the denizens of both threads would probably be happier that way.


the first thread would be empty.






1.1 to 0.1 at half-time, Brisbane’s way

Dogs leading 3.2-1.1 at three-quarter

Oh, forgot…feminazi lesbians.


Pwoah some poor girl just had her face grounded permanently into optus oval


wtf is that club song


Beacuse they cant say “sons” of the west and “boys” of the bulldog breed


Haven’t watched one game. Def don’t care.

Top game of footy today it seems.

27-21 final score :joy:


I must be the only one here who actually enjoys watching women’s football. The standard has improved out of sight this year and is likely to get better fast as more girls who have grown up playing the game start to come through. 27 to 21 isn’t that low scoring when if you take into account that it was a wet day and their matches only go for about half as long as men’s games. There have been quite a few games this year in which the winner has kicked ten or twelve goals if anyone has noticed.


What the???


I watched quite a bit of it. Overall I enjoyed. The GF though was pretty poor standard verses most of the season.


Very low standard suburban footy. Enjoyable if you like casual footy, nothing more, girls have been doing it for yonks and will slowly get better. AFL is a bent corporation, I hope the teams can extract as much as possible from it.


Daisy Pearce was right there when the contact happened. She said it was free kick. I think she knows her footy and is highly unlikely to put herself in a position of being out of favour with the AFL by being controversial.

The AFL have a habit of changing rules whenever it suits them its got nothing to do with gender. Unfortunately Katie Brennan was not well represented that was Sam’s Lane’s legal opinion.