AFLWomen's - No Bombers still


Love it.


The Appeals Tribunal dismissed the discrimination claim on the basis that it should have been raised at the first stage hearing.
Sam Lane QC may have a point.


No she doesn’t @bigallan, the Appeals Tribunal made the point.

Sam Lane QC, as a communication specialist, just passed the words on. :slight_smile:


Wonder who represented her??? Guesses!


Not a bloke in sight

Until the AFLW can find a way to shake off the Big Elephant in the room, it will continue to be marginalised


Fork … quoted wrong post!


And what would that elephant be?


My wife watched a bit of the awards night and the first thing she said to me was “ Geez I didn’t realise there were so many lesbians playing AFLW” She is very tolerant of gay people but just thought there seemed to be a higher prevalence of it than normal and she has played cricket and softball which are generally thought of by most people as lesbian sports


That the country is still full of homophobes?


You’re not.
It’s just that teeny-doodle loud-mouths feel the need to keep coming in here to brag to everyone how they can’t stand watching women’s footy.


i’d probs enjoy it if essendon had a team and did a tokenistic application a couple years ago like the pissant clubs incoming in the next few years.


When I was president of our cricket club in my late twenties, I went to the women’s cricket association presentation night with our girls. Well, were my eyes opened? Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Our club was running at about 80% straight at that time too. Changed later on, and some pretty serious schisms appeared.

This was nearly 40 years ago.


Not that it’s any of my business but what is it about women’s sport in particular AFLW where being straight is the minority?

Something that’s always intrigued me.


How can we engage women who are married or dating men to play AFLW as well.


is this where we send them to that camp adelaide went on hoping to scare the gay out of them?


People’s wives really aren’t the target market of the AFL.
Bit late for the 30+ brigade to be taking up footy (no offence to them)


Without trying to name names, I’m on the committee of a Hockey Club with daughter running around playing Junior Hockey (who also plays School Footy & Junior AFL)

Few years back at the Hockey club we had a teenage superstar who had the talent to play at an International Level

Made her senior club debut at 13 and was a very attractive teenage girl and from 14 onwards was subjected to lewd sexual innuendo from some of her teammates and as she aged was being constantly being hit on more and more

Coaches and the board tried to reign them in, but by the time she was 17 she had enough and moved clubs and yet it continued to happen at her new club and was lost to the sport before the age of 20

Nobody wants to publicly talk about it, but predatory lesbians in womens sport is a major issue

Is tonnes of straight girls that get bullied out of the game just because they are straight

Happens in hockey, soccer, cricket and if the AFL can’t find a way to reel them in, all these talented teens the AFL hopes will come through in the next decade will give up by the time they reach AFLW level


Enough girls playing sport and the straights will outnumber the gays and it won’t be anywhere near as much as issue (and it happens now in men’s sports but the predatory behaviour isn’t directed at players so it doesn’t get raised in this specific conversation).
Anecdotally I’ve seen this “changeover” Of culture happen at a local footy club with a women’s side over the past 7 years.
You could create a logo winning TV series from the ■■■■ was going on back in 2011/2012. All the 25-30 year olds from that period are gone and have been replaced by girls who were 13-16 at the time playing juniors together. With a (much) stronger coach and leadership (a little ironically a lesbian) than they had back then the behaviour has cleaned up significantly.
Definitely a different type of drama when a player cheats on their playing partner with another player. That was always fun when that happened.
For the most part keeping young kids out of senior clubs is probably the safer option anyway, particularly if there’s a few bad eggs in the playing group.


Doesn’t help that they will let huge blokes play in the women’s league either. Imagine being a 55kg women and getting polaxed by him? Fark that ■■■■, it’s not worth it.


if she was a guy she would have been banned for more than 1 game