AFLWomen's - No Bombers still


This might sound weird but how did she know they were lesbians?

Was she judging by the hair cuts, tats or the way they looked? I’m curious.


Emma Kearney is a jet. Not bad on the eye either.


Crikey :hushed:



Propose obnoxious idea.

Back down.

Kept the AwFuL in the news for two extra days of the year.



When was this actually proposed? First time I’ve heard of it.



Ah, I was away for that.

Was Cheryl standing up for the rights of the NRL athletes who wore superhero jerseys?


Cheryl, the AFL are firmly in the USA as they have absolutely no original ideas themselves

Apart from ■■■■■■■ over an entire club.


Players aren’t billboards?
Never heard anyone complain about have sponsors logos on tops.


I get that women have been marginalised for far too long and am fully appreciative and supportive of their right to be seen as equal, to the point where that right includes speaking up should they feel offended by what they feel are sexist or mysogynistic comments.

But geez some of them are hot.


The main challenge I see with AFLW is that AFL is a superior product.
If people love AFL so much they can’t get enough, then they usually follow the VFL and some local teams, and so the AFLW are competing with them also.
Given the skill level, the only real draw card for the majority of people is to gawk at the novelty factor of women playing, which is pretty short lived.
I’m also curious as to how women in general have responded to AFLW. My wife thinks it’s an awesome idea, but she’s not interested in watching it herself (though she encourages our young boys to be interested to help shape their attitudes to females/stereotypes).
Netball seems to be the other main competitor, strong athletic role models with strong fan base from mums and girls who grow up playing the sport, and doesn’t seem to be marketed at men.


Netball is better than basketball.
AFLW is a bit of a Mickey Mouse version of AFL.
Has Pearce, Phillips and Brennan but too many players unfit or unwilling to do a preseason.

The other thing is they play with a smaller field, smaller ball, have less players, but still have 50 metre arcs? There are only a handful of players in AFLW that can kick from the 50 metre arc and I really wouldn’t expect them to as they would need legs like Joedan and friends…a kick for a chic to goal from 35 to 40 metres would be awesome enough.


AFLW isn’t played on reduced grounds.


What did you think the 50m arcs are for?


Too lazy to redraw the lines for women’s comp.


How would you change them, and why?


So y the reduced ball? They may aswell play AFL9s.
How would the guys go kicking their ball 50 metres?


We get it, you hate women(‘s football), go away.


Why indeed? The AFL insisted, that’s why. The women wanted to use a full-size ball the way they always had in their pre-AFL competitions. They also insisted on 16 a side instead of 18.