AFLX Draft - you won’t believe which four players are going to suffer Windy Hill Flu


Drawing in the Records and the ad’s on the big screen at half time are my childhood highlights:



And the yodelling Fosters Light Ice with the skier.


Super pumped for this.


My 9yo son loves Aussie Rules and the Bombers are his number 1 team of any sport.
He wants to watch the Women’s ODI instead of AFLX.
Says alot for both sports in my opinion.


SEN talkback was pretty funny this morning. At least six calls followed this rough template

Caller: “Dunno why everyone’s hating on it. It’s just a bit of fun! Could go alright.”
Host: “So are you attending/watching?”
Caller: “…no.”


Oooft. Better avoid the whole Docklands area this evening because the next step will be forcing passers by into the stadium.


Have to admit to being half tempted to taking a sneaky look at McGrath tonight. Thankfully I don’t know who is playing for I can’t possibly justify tuning in unless I know when he is playing. Stay strong Ivan


Am watching - it’s not a great spectacle but it’s the closest thing for a footy starved fan. Good to see Shiel & McGrath.


He just played. Sold some impressive candy. The crowd even went “Ooooooh” when he did it.

He then kicked a point. But still impressive candy selling.



It’s like Ulysses and the sirens. Have to resist AFLX’s wanton calls.




And tippa!

AFL equiv of a dry root - fun for a once off, but not much chop long term


My question simply is, Why?
Surely serving up this ■■■■■ doesn’t help sell it to anyone?

How about a JLT type comp for U22s or something like that?
Anything would be more interesting and compelling.


They’d have been better served to bring some ntfl teams down to Melbourne, Tiwi bombers would get more bums on seats.


One thing I got out of it was I didn’t know gresham was indigenous…


Luke Darcy has to be the biggest spud of a commentator of all time. Total drop kick.


How would you know that UNLESS YOU WERE WATCHING IT


It was talked up a bit in his draft year, he may have been the first Indigenous captain of one of his rep teams.


Yeah I have it on, wanted to watch Shiel, McGrath and Walla