AFLX Draft - you won’t believe which four players are going to suffer Windy Hill Flu


Really only looking out for our boys—- hoping they perform acts of brilliance while not getting injured.


#shiel can’t kick


yeah this is garbage, im out.


You were in?


i saw shiel kick the ball, that was enough


I went back to watch the Aussies women beat the Kiwis. It was far more enjoyable.


Is there no ‘holding the ball’? Because I like that.


Wow, Shiel is such a beautiful kick!


What the hell is a game changer?


No ones been injured?


You saved yourself. Well done. You now only moderately suck


I thinking he gets double points for a goal.


We have a split decision


Beautiful kicking from Hurls. Goal to Shiel.


It kinda sounds like an old school cheat code for a computer game


Im at the games. The amount of kids running feral is unbelievable.


I always thought it was an umpire


Shiel just beat Heeney in a ground ball tousle- where was he when we needed him in 2017!!


Membrey took a mark on Hurley - and Shiel ran over to talk smack to Hurls about it.

Like the banter between the team mates.


Fair go Nino