He has been in the system for the last 3 years at VFL level .I think he’s a really good player, because each week his named in the best players and essendon going to miss out on a pretty talented player ,consider they gave J Merritt a one year contract extension, we should start a online petition or if you go to training and see Adrian adoro asking him why they’re not drafted him

how many draftz aheppell ignored?

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Sack adoro


He was a rookie chance about 2 years ago when he had an outstanding year, but went backwards big time last year with injuries not helping. I think Younan is a far better chance.

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie that’s adoro


I rate this joke account 5.5/10


Yep, agree.
My Liz Lurkin was far superior, although short lived.

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ok, I’m willing to be the patsy…
what was the Liz Lukin joke?
(aka permission to repeat)

No joke. Liz Lurkin was just an account I created to get a laugh out of the behaviour of the AFL, press, and Liz Lukin re the saga. I assume Riolio didn’t like it as the account was banned very quickly.

which then started the speculation that rolo is liz?

Hi Aaron, how are you?

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That’s a strange thing to do. I actually thought it was Liz Lurkin’s account.


A limb is hardly the only thing you’re short of.


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Yeah nah - get a farkin haircut if you want to captain this team, ya bumpkin.

I think I’d rather start a petition to teach you the English language


Have school holidays started???