All I want for Christmas is?

Might be a good / fun way to find out some interesting things about people…soooo…what’s on your wish-list this year?

I’m just a simple man with simple wishes, golf balls, golf gadgets, any Ryobi tools that fit my batteries…and of course, a great season for the Bombers and for farkcarlton to become a little more farked.

My back to feel better and a haircut.


essendon to be the first team in afl/vfl history to…
Have 2 100 goal kickers in the same seaseon
Go undefeated in 2018
Tippa to win the normie
Stringer the brownlow.
woosha coach of the year.
swsnbn to actually retire.
James to ride down from heaven on beams of light at the mcg on grand final day , when we create an all time
winning margin against ??
Not much of a list i know,


A reasonable post with reasonable requests. But personally I wanna hear more about Titta!

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I want a day to myself. Just to kick back and do SFA.


World peace.

Nah, just joking, fark that


Not to hear that song again.

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This one is better.

(By the way, this show that has just started on ABC2 in the last two weeks is very very good. Highly recommended)

It’s no Sending Our Love Down the Well…

Edit: And now I have Don’t Download This Song in my head for some reason.

We’re taking our old rescue hound Wally on his first ever holiday… or as we’re calling it Walliday.

So, for us, it’s some decent weather … pretty please.



All I want for Christmas is to get through Christmas day. That’s it. Seriously.


not hard for you at all is it…

“We’re” calling it Walliday? O.K. A little skeptical.


Ham sandwich.

Cold beer.

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Didn’t realise you were a Kiwi.

One day? You lucky ■■■■■■■.

At last count we’ve got

Christmas eve (Eastern European bro in law’s parents)
XMas morning - my folks
XMas lunch time - my extended family
XMas arvo/evening - Mrs Pills’ extended family
Boxing day - Mrs P’s immediate family.
And NYE down at the sister in law’s joint in the country.
And there’s probably something I’ve forgotten.

All with 7 month old Master Pills in tow.

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Your back needs a haircut?


Nah it gets a wax mate :wink:

Some sleep!

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