All Things Podcast


Like, movie reviews?

I’m a big fan of the Bald Move network, who mainly review / recap television, but they do some movies too.


ScreenJunkies Movie Fights ?


Listened to a few eps of The Howie Games the other day. It’s Mark Horward interviewing different sporting stars. Well worth a listen if you love all sports. Jim Cassidy is probably the best one so far.


I listened to one episode of S-Town and just couldn’t be bothered listening to any more. Just didn’t care whether there was a murder or not.

Did anyone listen to any more?


If anyone is into running…

Tell me your tales is about Brady Trelfall A Aussie runner interviewing pretty good australian marathon runners and other sports persons.
Hes had the echuca football coach on, who talked about his trials and tribulations on trying to make it in AFL footy, injuries and life after professional football. Also Brett Sands a world champion bare foot skier.


It was a grower. I listened to it and quite enjoyed it. The murder stuff is a bit misleading. More of a look into a mans life


Just caught up on all of their eps. Love true crime stuff. Some of the live episodes drag on when they’re talking crap with the audience though.


I couldn’t get past their accents, or even their humour, much like last podcast on the left.

I prefer ones like Case File.

Enjoy no such thing as a fish as well.


My problem is that I have about 250 episodes of Melvin Bragg’s In Our Time, about 80 Coffee Table German podcasts, 50 Freakanomics, 90 Story of the English Language plus 40 Portuguese podcasts, so something has to go.

I usually get through one or two a day.


Has anyone tried out the podchaser beta?

I like the idea and their approach (currently it’s pretty bare, which means they can add features users actually want first). The aim is to be the IMDB of podcasts which makes sense, no one has solved podcast discovery properly yet.

I think you can sign yourself up or find a code online, but I have a couple if anyone wants one.


I like S-Town

Otherwise I like No Such Thing As a Fish, Freakonomics, Modern Love, Pessimists Archive (great “the sky is falling” stories from previous inventions), Science Vs, Cracked (depending on the topic) and have recently started Undiscovered and You are not so smart.

I guess you could say I like nerdy, sciencey podcasts. I get about 7 hours of driving to work a week so I get through a few.


Try The Allusionist as another English language podcast. This is presented with understated humour - the presenter, Helen Zaltzman, is funny and not afraid of detonating the c-bomb.

I also like “The history of Byzantium” as an insight into a thousand year old culture that we never hear about; 99% invisible that many here already know about; and the Memory Palace, which presents beautifully crafted insights into little-known aspects of American history.


Another 6hour epic from Dan Carlin…
Not as good as his World War 1 or Genghis Khan classics but still very good


I’m about an hour in.

Not totally grabbing me, but it’s getting there.


Have just finished listening to the ones about the east area rapist. Some unbelievably bad police work there. It’s astounding that they never got the culprit given how prolific the crime spree was.


I think that’s a fair description of the entire episode…


I listened to it yesterday. 12 hours in the car leaves time for Dan Carlin and a few episodes of This American Life. TAL, while they’re all very decent and earnest, but it leaves you worried about some features of American life, like summer camps. Breeding grounds for the Stepford Wives and the USA, USA chants at the Olympics.

And one recent episode about a New Jersey school district where the Hasidim (really orthodox Jews) dominate the population but don’t send their kids to public schools, so they organise to dominate the school boards and downgrade the whole public school system, largely peopled by blacks and Latinos. You can understand why anti-Semitism pops up after listening to this. And most of the TAL crew seem to be Jewish…and they appear quite outraged by the Hasidim’s behaviour.

Anyway, Carlin didn’t mention Asterix. Why not?


I always feel a sense of accomplishment when I finish a HH podcast.


I can’t get into it, the narrator is just so helter skelter.


The Howie Games is a good one.