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Halfway through ‘Dirty John’ by journalist Christopher Goffard from the LA Times. If
You like crime podcasts, you’ll enjoy this one.


I know there are plenty of Bill Burr fans on here. A one-hour interview just went up on the Adam Buxton podcast. I haven’t listened yet but Buxton’s interviews are usually good.


I really had no choice but to like this post.


Buxton from F1? He’s terrific.


Joe Rogan guest can get pretty weird at times, but Tom Delong from Blink 182 just went all in. “I know aliens exist and I’m in with all the government people, but I cant tell you the truth”


Good thing that Tom had the perfect response already prepared


Must be a different guy, this is a British comic.


Just got around to listening to this one.

He is off his nut.


Yeah it was compelling but pretty uncomfortable. Tom seemed lucid and together, but what he was saying was just nuts. Rogan and the producer struggled to hold it together at points.


It was certainly uncomfortable. He did seem lucid, but the delusions of grandeur were out of control.

I must say though… If he’s even in the same ballpark as being right, then holy friggin sh*t.


I’ve never listened to Joe Rogan, but thought I’d give that Tom Delonge episode a whirl based on the feedback in here.

I’d like to let you know what I thought but I can’t really talk about it. If you read my book it’s all in there.


You should back that episode up with the Alex Jones episode.

After Rogan got him stoned…
“intergalactic child molesters are infiltrating the government.”

It can be hit or miss purely depending on the guest, but when they get it right, the JRE podcast is friggin awesome.


The Butterfly Effect by Jon Ronson is a pretty good one. It traces the consequences of Pornhub and it took me to places I didn’t expect to go to.




Ronson was on Rogan a few months back, talking about that whole pornhub monopoly.

Fascinating story.


Ha ha … no. This series might be enough to put you off going to those sites if you are inclined to do so.


Then I’m not going to risk listening to it


Just started listening to The Dollop… not sure if it has been mentioned here. It’s very funny. 2 comedians, Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds discuss various people and bizarre events throughout history (mainly in the US). There are hundreds of episodes… I started at #1. Pretty entertaining!


Gets better as well


The Clive Bundy and the Huge Glass eps were ■■■■■■■ hilarious.