All Time Best Players, by Club

Buckley over both.


Famously has one less ANZAC day medal than Mark McGough, and 17 BL votes (for Pies) against us.

Buckley stands out because they were otherwise very blue collar. Pendles is just a bit better than either him or Swan, and done it for longer.


Adelaide= Andrew McLeod

Brisbane Lions= Simon Black

Carlton= Craig Bradley

Collingwood= Nathan Buckley

Essendon= James Hird

Fitzroy= Paul Roos

Fremantle= Mathew Pavlich

Geelong= Gary Ablett Snr

Gold Coast Suns= Gary Ablett Jnr

GWS= It’s Italian for rabbit

Hawthorn= Dermott Brereton

Melbourne= Robbie Flower

North Melbourne= Wayne Carey

Port Adelaide= Warren Tredrea

Richmond= Royce Hart

St Kilda= Darryl Baldock

Sydney Swans= Bob Skilton

West Coast Eagles= Ben Cousins

Western Bulldogs= Chris Grant

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In my footy watching lifetime

Adelaide= McLeod

Brisbane Lions= Black

Carlton= ■■■■ Carlton

Collingwood= Pendles

Essendon= Hird

Fitzroy= Goodes

Fremantle= Pav

Geelong= Ablett Snr

Gold Coast Suns= 2MP but seriously Gary Ablett Jnr

GWS= Phil Davis

Hawthorn= Buddy

Melbourne= I dunno…Woewodin?

North Melbourne= Carey

Port Adelaide= Wanganeen

Richmond= Dusty

St Kilda= Harvey

Sydney Swans= Goodes

West Coast Eagles= Juddy

Western Bulldogs= Grant

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Adelaide: Andrew McLeod
Brisbane: Simon Black
FCFC: Stephen Kernahan
Collingwood: Nathan Buckley
Essendon: James Hird
Fitzroy: Paul Roos
Footscray: Chris Grant
Fremantle: Matthew Pavlich
Geelong: Gary Ablett Snr
Gold Coast: Gary Ablett Jnr
GWS: Jeremy Cameron
Hawthorn: Jason Dunstall
Melbourne: Jim Stynes
Norf: Wayne Carey
Port: Warren Tredrea
Richmond: Matthew Richardson
Sydney: Paul Kelly
St Kilda: Tony Lockett
West Coast: Daniel Kerr

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As thread title seen live (started late 80s)
Adelaide - Modra (Freak show)
Brisbane - Voss (Was a complete footballer, and hard as they come)
Carlton - Kouta (Even my hatred of Carlton, cannot override how good he was. His best was as good as I have seen.
Collingwood - Buckley. There is a reason I hurled abuse at him as a player.
Essendon - Hird. Nothing needs to be said.
Fremantle - Fyfe. Closest thing to Hird in the modern game.
Geelong - Ablett snr.
Hawthorn - Bunch of thugs, hate them all. Dunstall was the best I have seen, along with Franklin.
Melbourne - The Wizard. Nickname says it all.
North Melbourne - Carey with Corey McKernan a close second. His 1996 was sublime, just too erratic.
Port - Burgoyne brothers
Richmond - Richo because I refuse to acknowledge Richmond are good now.
Saints - Winmar
Swans - Goodes. Was an absolute gun.
West Coast - Matera. Just a magical player. Only saw Judd once for Eages live, and that was the Hird game. So yeah fark him
Bulldogs - Grant.

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Adelaide= Greg Anderson
Brisbane Lions= Roger Merrett
Carlton= Justin Madden
Collingwood= Ron Andrews
Essendon= James Hird
Fitzroy= Kieran Sporn
Fremantle= Adam McPhee
Geelong= John Barnes
Gold Coast Suns= Adam Saad
GWS= Devon Smith
Hawthorn= Paul Salmon
Melbourne= Michael Hibberd
North Melbourne= Rick Olarenshaw
Port Adelaide= Gavin Wanganeen
Richmond= Paul Sproule
St Kilda= Jake Carlisle
Sydney Swans= Terry Daniher
West Coast Eagles= Tim Watson
Western Bulldogs= Adam Cooney


Good list.
I’d just swap Barry Davis for Olarenshaw, and Bryan Wood for Sproule

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Gotta go Franklin for Hawthorn(imo). No other player can just turn up and win a game of football in 5 minutes like that bloke can. Its a pity he is cooked.

I never saw Lethal play. Just missed him by a year or two as a kid.

I see where your coming from. Buckley was an incredible footballer.

Write this list in 3 or 4 years and De Goey might get a mention. Bloody ripper that kid. Pies have had a lot of good footballers.

Haha! I had the same idea, and just typed up the list to came here to post it!

But I had Barry Davis for NM and Neville Fields for SM/Sydney

Love naming Timmy for WCE!