Should the world records be revised after the 2009 swimsuit saga

The T¡t seems to have a bit more speed about her this campaign. She’s just broken the World Record in the 200m comfortably. Mollie O’Callaghan also broke it yet came second.

Only 2 spots up for grabs in the 200m free so both girls were under the old WR.


Did we do this again?


Titmus’ winning time was faster than Mark Spitz’s gold medal winning world record time at the 1972 Olympics

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The IOC Executive Board has nominated the French Alps region to host the 2030 Winter Games and Salt Lake City the 2034 edition. The decision will be officially ratified by the IOC Session in Paris on July 24.

meanwhile in Salt Lake CIty …

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Ratification by the IOC is not a done deal.
A decision on the nominations by the Executive Committee was deferred because of the French elections. The French bid was contingent on financial support of the government of the day.
( The IOC does not fund Olympic events, just makes megabucks from them)

Good 100m freestyle final in the swimming. Shayna Jack(ed) will swim in Paris for us along with Mollie O’Callaghan who won.

Emma McKeon won gold in the event last Olympics yet only just snuck in to the relay team for this one,missing out on an individual spot. 30 years old is a veteran in swimming I suppose. Probably hard to quite keep that motivation and ultra high level too. Already Australia’s most successful Olympian by medals won.

Olympic flame arrives in Tahiti, canoed in, no surf today


Glasgow will host the 2026 Commonwealth Games. Following prolonged discussions, BBC Scotland has learnt that an official announcement which was scheduled to be made in May but due to the July General Election hosting confirmation will be delayed until next month. Most of the cost of Glasgow 2026 will come from the Commonwealth Games Federation’s £100 million penalty fee imposed on the Victorian State Government who withdrew as 2026 hosts last year.

Glasgow will do it well (again).

Seeing Victorian taxpayers are paying for most of it, do we get any priority ticketing access? :kissing:


That’s a looooootttt of coin

Mbappé and Messi not going to play for their respective countries at the Paris Olympics. Seems the soccer schedule is getting too crowded. . Mbappé puts his duties to Real Madrid first ( matches start shortly after the Olympic ones) ; Messi has a Copa America workload.

I’d expect more to withdraw in the coming weeks too. The Olympics are at a bad time this year. Euros and the Copa don’t finish until a fortnight before the Olympics and then many of the good leagues start up again a few weeks after the Olympics. The harsh reality is that Olympics football is almost bottom of the pecking list for many players and has little to no importance on the scale of things. The clubs would rather players play an exhibition game for the club over Olympics which doesn’t help as some players that are 50/50 over playing Olympics might be coerced into giving it a miss.
With all the major comps going on these days I just don’t see a spot for football at the Olympics anymore


Similar for cycling. If it comes down to representing your country, World and regional championships are far more important.

by design. fifa don’t want it overshadowing the world cup and continental cups.

ioc won’t ever let go of it because it’s one of the few sports that guarantee an audience regardless (almost) of who is in it.

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I remember Fergie once describing Olympic football as glorified exhibition games and he had a strong mantra of club over country so much so that the International breaks were largely added to the calendar thanks to him and a couple of other managers who would often forbid or at least try to stop their players from playing friendlies and WC qualifiers

Tennis stars pulling out too.